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HELP ...for a welsh/scottish wedding

hi ladies.

Well im scottish and my H2B is Welsh. We live in cornwall so its not even like ive lived in wales to pick up on traditions.

Is there any tips or traditions anyone can give me. our wedding is going to be in scotland. and my parents are helping out a lot with money and therefore decisions. and everything seems to be edging toward a scottish tradition. But i would like the other side to feel welcome and part of it. if that makes sense. Anytime I ask my H2B if there is anything traditional that goes on at all he says na or he doesnt really know. For a scottish wedding htere are a few wee things throughout the day that you expect. and i want to try and incorporate his side into the day as much as they can as they arent having much to do with the organising.

at the minute i have miniature love spoons for favours for the females. they are sooo cute and ive got a little card with the history of them in general attached so the scottish people know what they are etc. and the men are getting miniature whiskeys for the scottish side of it...

I am at the minute trying to persuade the chef to give welsh cakes a bash for putting out with the teas and coffees along with the buffet at night.

and our invitations are v v simple. i love them. plain ivory card with a thistle and daffodil embossed onto them. with border around them.

is there anything else i can do just as little cute quirkey things??? i dont want the wedding to be one sided.

lou xxx

oh and ill be taking his mum outfit shopping in may time down there.. they are from the south coast so if anyone knows anywhere good to try for that sort of outfit that would be a great help.

thanks xx


  • cbtb0706cbtb0706 Posts: 168
    Hi I think you already have some lovely welsh touches to your day, I would think the chef should be able to master welsh cakes they are pretty simple and straightforward and are delicous and sure to be a hit with the scottish guests as well.

    On the subject of food you could also do a cheese cake, with all the cheese sourced from wales for example you could use caerphilly cheese. Leeks are also something associated with wales so maybe you could incorporate this into your menu for example potato and leek soup as a starter. Welsh Lamb cowl would also be lovely for the starter or bara brith bread and butter pudding for the dessert.

    I think these cufflinks could add a little bit of welsh quirkiness for the day for the groom and maybe the ushers as well:

    You could also name your tables after places in Wales and Scotland, such as Snowdonia, Cardiff, Caerphilly, Glasgow etc.

    Another thing if anybody in your h2b's family speaks Welsh or has a basic grasp of the language they could read a welsh poem at the ceremony or at the reception, or you could have a traditional welsh hym at the ceremony such as cwm rhondda, I think there are english lyrics for this as well so your scottish guests should be ok (and maybe some of your welsh ones too).

    The other thing I can think of as well is to have a harpist play music during the day as this is also traditionally associated with wales and it does sound lovely when it is being played.

    I hope these ideas help you and all your plans you have already sound amazing xx

  • Hi Purple Shell. thanks for the ideas. they were great thanks.

    we are already also talking potato and leek soup and other little bits for the meal. we are sorting all that out in march when we go for our next meeting. and obv incorporating haggis in there somewhere too. thanks image

    the cufflinks are great. Lee already has a pair of welsh ones. he will be able to wear them at night when he changes into his williams kilt outfit but for the daytime he is wearing his uniform. they are awesome cufflinks though. v funky.

    our table names are going to be naval knots. with one of each on each table ( lees job is to make them!!) with spare nice rope so the guests can have a bash at attempting htem. as a bit of an icebreaker if that makes sense.

    and we have a piper ( my uncle) who is attempting to learn a welsh song lee wants for us to be piped into the breakfast with. i forgot to mention that.

    the reading or poem sounds good i might speak to his sister and see what she thinks.

    fab ideas image xx
  • Hi,

    I am Welsh and my husband is Scottish and we really wanted a Scot/Welsh theme. We chose the menu based on this...

    Cockaleekie soup (which was lush)

    Welsh Lamb & cranberry casserole with crochanan(sp), carrots, medley of beans

    Rhubarb Oat crunble with some Scottish cream (can't remember the name of it, sorry!)

    As favours, we had heart shaped Welsh cakes and Heart shaped Shortbread...these were put into bags with name tags as place names. We also had loads of shortbread and Welsh cakes on the tables for the evening reception.

    On the invites, we had celtic love heart and a highland cow and sheep (bit quirky but suited the rest of the wedding)

    Mike wore Welsh dragon cufflinks with his kilt and we had a Welsh hymn and Welsh reading too.

    Can't think of any others at the moment...if you have any questions, please ask!
  • MRS BARNIE - We're planning to have a Welsh reading which my aunty will read...which welsh reading did you have?...I'm really struggling

    to find one!

    Ta x
  • MRS BARNIE - We're planning to have a Welsh reading which my aunty will read...which welsh reading did you have?...I'm really struggling

    to find one!

    Ta x
  • HI,

    We had Mi gerddaf gyda thi...its really lovely and means I'll walk with is biblical but really lovely. Its actually a song but used loads in weddings as a poem. We really struggled to find one that wasn't a 'traditional' one really, I do have the words somewhere, will post again when I find them. Just tried google and they didn't come up!!

  • AhthomasAhthomas Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the full version of "mi gerddaf gyda thi?". Failed miserably to find them on line.
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435

    I think you have got a really good mixture going on - I really like how you have incorporated both sides equally and in really nice ways. I love your love spoon favours and all the little details.

    I suppose we are having a welsh/english wedding as Im from wales and H2B is english, we live in england but getting married in wales! We've decided to have welsh cakes for favours made by my grandma - a treat for the welsh relatives and a new experience for the english ones if they have never had them before. Im also thinking of making a tag on each - one side saying 'Diolch' and the other side saying 'thank you' so everyone understands!

    I love that there are so many little quirky things you can do to represent wales and scotland - there isnt so many ideas to incorporate england! (H2B isnt really fussed anyway!) So we are just adding personal touches to the day of things that interest us and that we like instead. I love all the ideas on here, its really great!
  • Hi! I realize these messages were sent a while ago now, but I have just got engaged and we are getting married next July! I am Scottish and my fiance is Welsh, and we are really hoping for a mix of the two. We are having our wedding in St Andrews and I am worried that there is going to be a lot more scottish than welsh! 

    We're thinking for our invitations of having a daffodil and thistle intertwined onto card. Also, having a large welsh and large scottish flag. I'd like to do a haggis course and then a welsh course but can't think of what welsh food we should have as I'm not a fan of lamb! Does anyone have any ideas for favours? 


    Hope to hear from some of you! Thanks

  • Congratulations Olivia. image Welsh cakes make nice favours (take a look at or you can buy mini Welsh love spoons, which are cute.

    In terms of the meal, you could serve something with leeks? Maybe a leek soup starter.

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Favours - how about love spoons as above? Or little minatures of Welsh whiskey? My friend had little chocolate sheep for her Welsh wedding! Welsh cakes in little bags tied with ribbon would be nice too.

    If you're not a fan of lamb, how about just picking what you would really like and having it served with leeks as the main vegetable? Or maybe something that uses a Welsh cheese as a sauce? You could always have a Welsh dessert, depending on how creative your venue/caterers are willing to be. Bara brith bread and butter pudding is lovely, or you could have a dessert that uses a Welsh whiskey/liquor as a sauce. Hope that helps! x

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