Cardiff City Hall Anyone? Advice wanted!

Hi ladies!

Has anyone got married or is getting married in Cardiff City Hall (or has just been for a nose!)?

What do you think of their rooms and what services do they provide? Do they set the room up? You have the room for 4 hours - do you have to take any flowers etc with you once the ceremony is over or do they do that?

The Council Chamber room - the seating around a central circle? but I'm not sure how that works in practice - are you literally surrounded by everyone or is one side kept empty? Has anyone got married in this room and can say what it was like?


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  • feejeelifefeejeelife Posts: 79
    I have to say when we went to view the city hall as a wedding venue, it was quite a debacle. We had arranged to view it with their wedding person, arrived at the correct time, only to be told that no-one worked on a saturday to show us round, and the man who we had booked with was not there. The porters then made an effort to show us a room - however we were left sitting upstairs for over 40 minutes waiting for someone to come with a key, who was then very rude when we wanted to see the ball room, and ridiculed us. Given the complete inadequecy of this initial viewing, we walked out without getting proper information as they seemed to be so incompetent. It is a shame, as the columned area was really spectacular.

    The thoughts i had on what i saw: the round room is a bit weird for a ceremony room - photo's i have seen of it from our photographer, you are in the middle with the registrar and guests sit on one half of the circle. I also noticed that there were a lot of people just walking through the column room area so if you were to have you reception in that bit, i would ask whether this is a common thing, or if public would be stopped from walking through.

  • I've just had my reception at City Hall (May). Didn't get married there as we had a church ceremony, so can't help you there. We had the reception in the Marble Hall with drinks beforehand in the Reception Hall. They set up the rooms beforehand, along with our chair cover company and florist. They set up our drinks table, guest book table, cake table and sweetie bar. I thought the room looked spectacular - our florist did tall candelabra with lots of flowers, and we had tea lights on all the tables. With the dimmed lights for dinner it looked really magical. There was plenty of room for our live band, evening buffet and casino.

    I guess with the council chamber it depends how many guests you have. I think one advantage of the circular seating is that your guests could see your faces as you exchange vows.

    In terms of organisation, I would say that the staff weren't that proactive with planning, but I was (!) and they would return all emails and queries promptly. They were very easy going with what I wanted (candles, sweetie bar etc). The day went amazingly well, nothing went wrong. They do a LOT of functions and really know what they're doing.

    If you want to email me privately, let me know.

  • bhpridebhpride Posts: 37

    I'm getting married at City Hall in December in Function room D - long room on 1st floor. Personally I didn't like the round room although if we have the money I'd absolutely love the Marble hall !

    Service wise so far so good, everyone we've met has been very helpful even after I changed my mind twice about which room we'd have for the ceremony lol. Really happy with the price for the wedding breakfast provided by in-house Cardiff Catering. I think given how beautiful and grand the venue etc is there prices are fantastic compared to some places we visited esp in regards to the food image

  • sexbombsexbomb Posts: 1

    hi any ideas on prices ?

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