Photography S Wales - Any recommendations? Anyone used Anthony Robling?

Hi Ladies,

As the title suggests we're looking for a wedding photographer for the S Wales area - really needs to be someone affordable. I really like some of the photographers I've come across but at £1000 plus they're out of reach.

Can anyone help?

I've found a photographer called anthony robling - has anyone used him before?



  • Having Sally Langstaff, did my friends wedding and they were beautiful. She is lovely!

    She does a variety of packages, mine is £800 for ceremony and Reception. You can pay even less than that in the other packages. Best bit is you have full rights of the photos, no paying for extras. Get them all on a disk and can distribtue as you please!
  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    We are using Nicky and Aaron from Cariad Photography, we have met them a few times and they are lovely. Very reasonable prices and different packages to choose from so whatever your budget you will find something to suit. xx
  • Thanks for the tips ladies! Shall look into them! image
  • We're using Rock Salt photography - they're travelling to north wales with us for free. Had really good communication with them so far and really like the pics on their website.

    Good luck!
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    Hi we are using Grev Phillips from Premiere photography. We met him and felt comfortable with him straight away, in fact we were at his house for about 3 hours looking at his work and discussing our requirements. He seems rather cheap compared to a lot of photographers. We are paying £450 for his services all day. This includes a basic album but you can pay extra to upgrade the albums etc. Lets just hope he does a good job image
  • GJGJ2010GJGJ2010 Posts: 133
    Hi, we are using photo mitchell - he is fantastic & has great packages for all budgets also gentleman working for him that does videography, so a 1 stop shop! Seriously though he is award winning, but not too pricey we found image Fantastic @ air brushing too! Well worth a phonecall! image

    Good luck choosing image x
  • I would definitely say that Jo from Ladybird photography is well worth a look at too
  • Sally Langstaff we are using hun. Shes a really lovely lady and does fab packages, check out her website x
  • Sally Langstaff we are using hun. Shes a really lovely lady and does fab packages, check out her website x
  • Hiya

    Wea re using Steve from Digital Dreams he's brilliant will do whatever you want him to his packs start from about £400 to £500 for photobook album. Ours is a deluxe photobook and dvd of all photos for about £500. He also stays in the evening to take photos and sells to guests on the night if there are any specific photo shots they want. I've seen him at parties before and he is so patient with people. If you want his number let me know. Good Luck x

  • We're also having Premier Photography as the prices were really good and they give us the choice to tailor our specifications rather than having to fit into a package!
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