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Casey cars

Has anyone booked or used Casey cars? We've booked the Beauford car for our wedding in Sept 2011.

They've cashed the cheque but haven't sent any booking confirmation, despite h2b's repeated requests. Should I be worried?


  • Hi

    I've been having the same worry, but they haven't cashed our cheque, we're getting married in Jan 2011, I have spoken to them and they said everything was fine and they'd cash the cheque closer to the time, but I would feel more confident if they cashed it now. Saying that they the cars we've booked are fab and they have been very friendly whenever I've spoken to them.
  • Last time h2b spoke with Casey cars they promised to send written confirmation that day but we still haven't had anything from them, hardly good customer service, think it's time to look for another ccmpany. Anyone know of a reliable company with a white or ivory beauford?
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