Where's the cheapest place to buy Kelsey Rose dress?

Hello ladies, i love a dress from Kelsey rose for my bridesmaids, just wondering if you've seen any at reasonable price?



  • lala661lala661 Posts: 44
    Hey, afraid not. I'm going bridesmaids shopping next sat, but i know that's the only range that the shop where i bought my dress does and they start at £180, but the one i like is £220. So i'm thinking about going elsewhere for my bridesmaids- they are lovely dresses tho!
  • oh never ;o( Out of my price range...but they are fab arent they!! i've seen a few i like by Mark Lesley, do you know how much they start from? x
  • PBubsPBubs Posts: 333
    not sure on Mark Lesley in general but the strapless one I liked with the big contrasting bow was £220 again. image

    Although I will say a friend of mine saw one of the plainer kelsey rose styles a wedding the other day and said they weren't anything special in real life and not worth the money so that made me pine after it a bit less!!

    I think their advertising works wonders before you've even seen them!
  • I think All About Eve in Newport might stock Kelsey Rose.

    I have ordered my bridesmaids gowns from there but they are from the Ebony Rose range.

  • Thanks ladies, i dont want to pay more than 120-140 for each dress as i have lots to buy x
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