Racoon Hair Extensions

Hi Ladies

I am getting married in Feb and last Dec I made the stupid mistake of cutting my long hair short!

It is taking ages to grow and I can't see it growing a great deal between now and Feb.

I am seriously considering having hair extensions done just before the wedding as my dream wedding hair is long and curly.

What do you think?

Can anyone recommend a god salon that does the racoon extensions, I hear those ones are the best.

Thanks for your help xx


  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    Sorry, cannot be of any help to you. I just have visions of walking down the aisle with a racoon on your head! imageimage
  • A racoon would probably be a good idea and would keep my ears lovely and warm image
  • Ive got prostyles hair extensions, they're ace, had them in begining of july but i am having them redone thursday before getting married on friday. I pay a friend £170 for a full head to do them at home salons charge a fortune. where abouts are you?
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