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Band v's DJ and recommendations please

Hello again! image

My brother's mate can no longer DJ at our reception and I am trying to work out what to do for the best ... my H2B and I would love a live band but we're not sure that we will have the space (marquee for 100 so not a lot of extra room!)

Basically I was hoping someone could give me a recommendation for a live band or a DJ and your experiences (either at your own wedding or as a guest) as to which works the best?

Reception will be in Dinas Powys so basically anyone based in Cardiff should be fine image

Cheers girls! xx


  • Try contacting OSCID, they cater for all types of music within your budget. My budget was £350 and we have a great DJ. Could have soent less though. They also organise bands. The owner, Mark Weller, was excellent when organising the DJ, asked all the correct questions, was not pushing and helped us find out exactly what we wnated for our wedding.
  • Thank you so much Fairy, am off to google them and find out some more information image x
  • It's either OSCID or OCSID, can't remember!

    There you go!
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