CIA Wedding fayre

Anyone going to the wedding fayre in the CIA on Sunday, 19 September?


  • Yeah im going image H2B is not though so thinking of dragging my mum lol!!
  • SNAP! Theres not going to be anything to interest H2B and he's already been to 2 with me so taking mum and sis (BM). First wedding fayre with just girls can't wait!!
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Im also going, just going with my mum too! Haven't been to a wedding fayre yet so Im looking forward to this one!
  • I'm dragging my H2b along, actually it was his idea that he comes!
  • My partner and I went and walked out after ten minutes, it was the worst wedding fayre we have ever been to, full of cheap and tacky rubbish!!!
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