Anglesey Brides Beware!!!!!!!

Sorry its a mega rant but i hope it helps someone.......

In March i found the dress i wanted but couldnt get it in the colour i wanted so i thought find a dress maker, i went to a local bridal shop and ask....... off i went to DEVINE BRIDES in Llangefni she said they'ed be able to make them to the design i wanted if i chose the fabric i wanted out of her samples book. i did this and my first bridesmaid was measured the first week in may, i offered to pay the shop a deposit so she could order the fabric, she said she wouldnt need it until the 2nd bridesmaid had been measured.

At the end of june my second bridesmaid was measured after she'd had a baby, we agreed the amount of deposit to pay and went back a few days later with the cash. I kept popping in every now and then to see progress and she had varying excuses every time, them 4 weeks before the wedding i got in expecting them to be ready and the first line she says is 'i was just about to phone you' my heart hit the floor, she couldnt get the fabric i'd chosen but had contacted other suppliers to see if they had something similar, she said she'd phone me the following day for an update, she didnt, i called her the day after she said samples were in the post and would be there monday if i would like to go in to chose one. I did just that....... the samples hadnt arrived!!!!

she'd been to the fabric shop around the corner and got 2 differnt samples for me to choose from and promised the fabric would be in stock the following day and the dresses would be ready in a week, well 3 weeks on and 4 days to go, theyre still not ready and not anywhere close to the design i gave her, they look really cheap, ive had to go out and buy other dresses at last minute from tk maxx coz i dont think they'll ever be ready and not that i like them either.

so when she calls on wednesday (apparantly thats when they'll be ready, dont know how when one of the girls havent even had a fitting in the dress) i'm going to say 'i was just about to phone you.........ive got something else for them to wear'

After talking to other people about her , im not the first shes messed up orders with and i probably wont be the last, please dont get sucked in like i have for six months.


  • What a nightmare for you. I wouldn't stoop to her level though, I think a polite but firm letter cancelling your order and asking for your deposit back might be better.
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