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Make Up Artist - Wrexhan

Hi all

I have had a price for make up £40 for bride and £30 for each bridesmaid / mother of bride.

It works out at £190. I dont usually wear much make up so am after a very natural make up look.

Anybody know any make up artists, who are cheaper than this, in North Wales / Shropshire / Cheshire areas?

I'm probably being stingy and this is the going rate, but I'd like to check if I can get it cheaper before booking.

Thanks and kind regards



  • Hi Kat,

    Nah it's always best to check! I actually think that's really reasonable though. I've got my trial next week and am paying £40 for that and then if I book them it will be £60 on the day. I know lots of other ones I've found are anywhere between £65 (the cheapest) and £150. Hope that helps.
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