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Opinions needed please :)

Hi ladies

In order to raise some extra cash for my wedding I am looking at perhaps starting up a small (mainly local) business hiring out decorative items for weddings, offering just centrepieces to start. One question I have been asking myself is whether or not people prefer to hire items like these or just buy them.

On the one hand it is convenient to hire as you can just have the items for the day and dont have to find something to do with them afterwards, but on the other hand if you choose to buy you can then sell them on afterwards.

Any thoughts on this (or any other advise for that matter) would be greatly appreciated!



  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702

    Good for you trying to raise a bit of extra cash for your Big Day!

    Do you have any ideas of charges yet? I think if it was reasonable priced then people will be interested.

    We have bought our own vases for our centrepieces. They cost £6 each. I dont know what we will do with them afterwards.....!! We also bought table mirrors which were about £2 each.

  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    Hiya, in terms of hire charges I have looked around suppliers to get an idea of the norm and would be able to go significantly cheaper than them anyway as I dont have the overheads of a large business. To be honest there arent really any large suppliers in my local area in north wales anyway!

    Apart from anything else though I'd like to be able to offer other people things like this for their wedding as I know what its like trying to make sure you always save where you can!
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