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where's everyone getting married in south wales?!?!

Just wondering where people have chosen for venues! need ideas and inspiration!!xx


  • Canada Lake Lodge, so pretty! Is exclusive to you, there was no way I was sharing my day with any other couples!
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    I got married at maes manor in Blackwood and they were amazing.
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    I'm also a maes manor bride! less than a year now...

    hiya Thewife2b..who did you have photographing your day? I'm stuck!


  • 12016961201696 Posts: 286
    We got married at the Glen Yr Afon in Usk, amazing day. If you want to check out the photo's please do at:-

  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    Hi Natalie

    we used an old work contact of mine who lives in Swindon. His name is Kris Talikowski. I'll send you a link to my pictures on PM. He doesn't do many weddings as he's a fashion photographer but we were very pleased.

    It will also give you a chance to see maes all set up.
  • 5ftbride5ftbride Posts: 120
    Miskin Manor xx
  • I got married at Llangoed Hall. It was perfect. We go back there quite a lot and stay in touch with the event manager xx
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Thank you the wife2be...I've only just realised I had a message...ooops!

    Will have a good look now, over a cuppa image
  • saliMalisaliMali Posts: 181
    I'm a Maes Manor Bride too! 10 Sept 2011 for us! X
  • St Mellons Hotel in January 2011
  • My Venue is Cwrt Bleddyn in Usk, i went around all of the venues pretty much in South Wales and we just fell in love with the place, its soooo gorgeous up there proper fairtale and beautiful grounds!

    Good Luck!! xx
  • All Saints, Mumbles followed by Penrice Estate, Gower

    It's finally starting to creep up, according to the top of this page we've got 154 days to go image
  • I'm getting married in Hew House Country Hotel in Thornhill. It has gorgeous views over Cardiff. The Vale Hotel is lovely as well
  • I went to see New House as well and thought it was beautiful but sadly not enough accomadation for us as the dates we wnted would have two weddings going on. Now torn between The Vale and St Davids
  • I'm due to get married in Bryngarw, but have just heard that it's now up for sale, so haven't a clue what will happen!
  • I'm getting married at Craig-y-nos castle in August next year. It's a bit of a trek up there, but the scenery is stunning!
  • We got married in Dominican Republic but had our wedding party at De Courceys in Pentyrch. It was amazing & since our wedding party 2 of our friends have also booked their days there image

  • Hi all I don't mean to be rude and jump in on this thread but i was wondering if you guys would like to post a review of your venue on It would be great for future brides and also you could help them out by answering any of there questions on the venue.

    Thanks image
  • Hi! We're getting married at The Manor Hotel, Crickhowell. The views are amazing! I can't wait!! xx
  • MrsPugh2MrsPugh2 Posts: 446
    Were getting married in the Canada Lake and Lodge August 2012
  • Tredegar House, in Newport image

    I can't wait! xx
  • We're getting married at De Courceys next year- it's so beautiful and the food is amazing!
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Bryn Meadows - Not one of the popular venues but just right for us image
  • My friend got married at bryn medows last year.

    I am getting married at Caerphilly Methodist church which is opposite the Castle, so the photos will be taken in the gardens of the castle image

    The reception will be held at the village hotel in Cardiff
  • EMKETEMKET Posts: 133
    Hi, does anyone know if De Courceys in Pentyrch have a website, I cant seem to find one searching for it (although I am a right technophone and have not quite mastered the internet searching game yet! lol). Thanks x
  • lyndalialyndalia Posts: 15
    my daughter got married in the countryman hotel in llantrisant stunning venue give them a ring
  • Hi Emket,

    This is De Courceys website but it really doesn't do it justice!
  • anon23anon23 Posts: 140
    Hello, I'm brand new to the forum.. we spent ages looking for somewhere and have decided on The Barn at Brynich, has anyone else got married here/ have any experience of a wedding here.. i would love to hear about it imagexxxx
  • MrsCox2beMrsCox2be Posts: 4
    I'm getting married in De Courceys, exclusive use and competitively priced! Look them up on trip advisor.
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