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Who Are You Using For Your Chair Covers? - South Wales


Im looking around at chair covers at the moment for my summer wedding in 2012 in south wales. Im planning my wedding from Guildford so Ive emailed a few companies for some advice but some have come across as a bit rude and snappy with little response as if they are too busy to reply which has put me off! I understand that they may be busy with weddings but a few others I have contacted have been really lovely. I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations and who you are using?

At the moment the suppliers I am considering are Chair Covers and Bows, and Enchanting Tables & Chairs as they have been the nicest and most helpful to me so far. Has anybody used any of these?


  • We are using Chair Covers and Bows and I highly recommend them. They have a fab little showroom where they dress up a chair so you can see various colour/style sashes to help you choose and have the centre pieces and bay trees there for you to see too. They gave us a good package price, small samples of the fabric and have been very helpful.

  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Thats lovely to hear - They have been very kind and are sending me a sample too which I thought was nice of them - Others have got funny with me when I have asked if they would send samples due to me living far away. Good to hear nice things said about them image
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Unfortunately, I have no idea..our venue is providing the chair covers and they are gorgeous!

    But, I just wanted to add..I hate companies that dont have is just so unprofessional!

    Look for a company who will answer all your questions and reply in no times at all...

    It says an awful lot about a business!
  • Hi Blue Eyed Bride

    I am planning my wedding in Wales from Guildford too! Where are you getting married? We are having the Orangery in Margam South Wales. I am going to use Chair Covers and Bows as their chair covers look nice where as some other look a bit cheap

  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Ms Natalie - I know what you mean. One company literally answered my emails with one short sentence so I was a bit put off by that as I felt I wasn't getting anywhere!

    Clairey12345 - that's so weird! How are you enjoying the snow? I'm from Cardiff originally so that's why we are going back to Wales. What about you? We're getting married at Bryn meadows in Caerphilly, it's just what we were after. Probably one of the lesser known venues but it's lovely and had nice views. I've heard great things about the orangery. I'm glad to hear more good things about chairs and bows. I know what you mean about some others looking cheap. I'm waiting for a sample from them but the postman hasn't turned up for 3 days!

  • lawler09lawler09 Posts: 313
    hi,im also using chair covers and bows,they have been really good and helpfull and listens to what you what.

    hayley x
  • Hi Blue Eyed Bride

    Yes the snow was a nightmare. H2b works in woking and wasn't too bad there but I couldn't get to Reading where I work. We are originally from Pencoed near Bridgend but moved to Guildford about 11 years ago - will be nice to go back home to get married. I think no matter how old you are or where you live you will always call where you grew up home! When are you getting married? We got engaged last April after 11 years together and I wanted a fast track wedding. H2B said "what's the rush!!". I had been waiting for him to ask for ages so was not going to hang around! I therefore decided on June 10 2011 so have loads to do in very little time. I have the venue, church (St John's porthcawl) and dress sorted - now need to do everything else!

  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Thats three thumbs up for chair covers and bows then!

    clairey12345 - Ah I know Pencoed. Not sure if your H2B is english or not like mine but he once pronounced it pen-co-ed literally, when we saw it on a bus sign once and I asked him how he though it was pronounced. I know what you mean, Cardiff will always be 'home' to me. Maybe its a welsh thing aswell? lol Thats a long time you have lived in Guildford - we have only been here just over a year and half, 2 years in April. We only moved because my H2B (who is originally from Devon) got a job at EA Games here, so we moved as Im a freelance designer so I now work from home.

    We're not getting married until 21st July 2012, and H2B proposed in May of this year, so we would have had over 2 years to plan! Its funny because my soon to be sister in law is getting married the day after you! Your more organised than me though, Ive only booked my venue and photographer, I havent even started dress shopping yet!

  • Hi Blue eyed bride

    who are you using for your photographer? I am having a nightmare trying to find what I want for less than 2k!

    My H2B is from Pencoed too so no probs with pronounciation! We met at school! I know where EA games is right in the centre of Guildford. Actually living in Guildford is pretty nice isn't it? but i still miss home and I don't like being in the minority here when Wales play England in the six nations!

  • Have you tried 'Got it Covered'? They do chair covers, centre pieces etc and chocolate fountain hire! Yummy!
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    clairey12345 - Guildford is pretty nice but expensive! We are renting a flat at the moment, just by the castle so were right in the centre which is pretty cool! I know what you mean about being in the minority - My H2B doesnt like rugby and it feels rubbish not watching it in a jam packed pub full of welsh fans! Not the same at all!

    My photographer is Paul Donovan - he is lovely. We didnt want to go over the 2k mark either but found alot of the photographers we liked were over this and that was for their least amount of coverage. We went for a digital package with Paul because we wanted the files - and hes covering us from the start of the day up to the first dance - were spending approx £1.5k. It would be less but up to first dance was a tiny bit extra which we wanted. If you went for one with his albums the prices range from the one you pick, but he has a few that are under £2k. Id check out his blog though to look at his pics, they are lovely. Just type his name into google, and if you want a quote email him, hes a really nice guy. There are ALOT of photographers out there though isnt there? Its hard to choose but we knew when we met him that he was right for us.

    luciouslau1 - Thanks for the tip, I dont think Ive come across them. Ill have a little look online now image
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    Ms_Natalie... your chair covers are from Mullins chair covers!!

    The venue did all the arrangements for me as part of the package but they were fab quality and a good colour choice of sash. I got to talk to Mullins when i was trying to sort out the colour sash and they were very helpful.
  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    Another vote for Got it Covered!
  • hiya i am using D L studios in bedwas/caerphilly they were fab i paid £2.50 all in they were so helpfull they even set a table up for me to see, give them a c image all 02920 861896 image
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Thanks for all your replies and advice ladies - Ive actually booked Chair Covers and Bows just a few days ago as they have been the most helpful and nicest to deal with. I thought id take advantage of them advertising their chair covers for £2.45 at the moment which I think is a great price!

  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    clairey12345 did you find a photographer in your budget? the photographer i'm using does albums and all day coverage for well under 2k, we went with all day covereage with the digital files for 1k! Her name's Angharad Gwenter, can't remember the website off the top of my head but google does bring her up.
  • We are using chair covers and bows and they are fantastic. They know exactly what would work best andtake care of you from the start. Highly professional yet friendly
  • Chair Cover Wales are absolutely the best, done all my friends weddings over the past 4 years and really lovely to deal with and really cheap but good customer service and also the covers look stunning. I emailed them and I got a resonse back within the hour and they sent me loads of pictures. They've also helped me source the type of car we wanted which I was having difficulty locating in our area. We're getting married at the orangery and we went for the linen covers at just £2.50 each but they do have lycra for just £2.00 each and all their prices include sash, set up and delivery. We also went for the starlight backdrop which if you book their covers is only £150.00 and was something I really, really wanted and although I did look I couldn't find anyone else with the excellent prices that they have. As I said they've done all my friends weddings over the past few years and they do a stunning job and each one has recommended them and I've seen their work so wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone else - can't wait now!!

    Good luck!
  • I've found looking around that there seems to be companies here today and gone tomorrow so I opted for a company that had been around for a while and that came recommended and that I had seen their work before. I remember someone on here mentioning Top Table Weddings who had a shop located near The Stradey Park Hotel, they were there one minute and gone the next! The quality of the chair covers seems to vary greatly, some I have seen at Wedding Fayres you can see the chair through, so it's best to see what you are getting before you book. I also found that some actually charged you for extras like the sashes where as with some the sashes are included so it's best to compare like for like prices and make sure the "special offer" you are getting is really that. Same with all things wedding I guess?

    Happy hunting
  • Hi, Congratulations on your wedding. I would like to tell you about my daughters wedding at the Llechwen Hall in Sept 2010.

    We used DL Studios from Bedwas Caerphilly, they were fanatsic.

    they make bespoke chair covers on their premises. they are wedding stylists, and cover everything from Gown design, chair covers, room deco, table centres, hair and make and much more so your whole wedding is colour co-ordinated right through.

    The girls are fab too, an experience we didn,t want end. I highly reccomend them.

    Good luck
  • I'm always put of by "one stop shops" who say they do everything because usually they've not "experts" at any of them and just farm the work out and charge a premium. Personally I wouldn't want to use such a service and prefer to source my own items, it takes all the fun out of it otherwise or maybe I'm just too much of a control freak image
  • Hall1975Hall1975 Posts: 4
    We used Dreams Chair Covers, excellent communication...
  • Hall1975Hall1975 Posts: 4
    I used Dreams Chair Covers, so did my sister, no problems at all and very helpful image
  • Hi There,

    I'm using RSVP coordinators for mine - they put anything on the chairs from flowers to multiple bows etc all for the same price. I'm using them for all my decorating! they are fab! xx
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Thanks for sharing - this is really useful. Unfortunately I thought mine were all sorted. I found a company that did really nice chair covers and centrepieces and were really cheap (more so than any others that I have found). Their communications skills via email were poor, but eventually we agreed to meet at my venue on a named date. The reason I pursued the enquiry was because they were so cheap and I hoped they would be easier to communicate with in person.

    After 15 mins of waiting, I rang as I had a feeling they were not going to turn up. The woman just sad it was unlikely anyone would come as they do not usually do sunday afternoon appointments (even though they suggested this, and it was emailed in writing so no confusion). There was no apology, just an "oh well". I was absolutely DISGUSTED at this woman's attitude and really hope that no one else gets let down in this way. Needless to say, I will not be making further appointments with this farcical company as I am not prepared for that to happen on my wedding day.

    No one here has mentioned this company, although I suspect the 'communication' comments that many of you have spoken about are also about this company! Let's just say, they are definitley not charming...
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Welshgrace - I know exactly who you mean. A bit rude to me in an email when they eventually replied at all. Thats absolutely awful the way you have been treated! I dont understand how they companies like that can carry on the way they do!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Thanks blue eyed bride. Neither do I - if they can't be bothered to turn up to appointments, who on earth would trust them to do their wedding?

    I have booked an appointment with chair covers and bows after the various recommendations on here, and already I am impressed. They rang me the following morning as they didn't want to send me an email in case it went to junk (hotmail). Thanks for recommending them guys, I would never have found them without you lot! image x
  • I booked my diy covers with when they were doing a promotion for 99p each. Have now booked her for dressing the ceremony room too at £2.50
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