Where are we all from?

I was just wondering where are we all form in Wales?

I am from Llandeilo. I have lived here for 8 years now. Where is everone else from?

I hope the wedding plans are coming on nicely. It is so stressful at times though don't you think? x


  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435

    Im from Cardiff, but now live in Guildford due to my H2B's job. Been here for almost 2 years.

    Our wedding is in South Wales so lots of excuses to come back to Wales more often image
  • xMrsM2bexxMrsM2bex Posts: 138
    I'm from Anglesey, been here all my life! image
  • pink-llamapink-llama Posts: 435
    My H2B is from Wrexham originally.

    We live on Anglesey together though (Having met at Bangor University), but I'm from Manchester originally image
  • hi

    both me and H2B are from Pembrokeshire but live in Cardiff atm due to uni.

    Im glad both our families are in Pembs as it gives us a base to stay at etc when we need to sort wedding stuff out!

    Looking to move back down once we've married and finished with uni.

    Hows the planning going? anyone organising it in a different area to where they live? I can see that u r blue-eyed bride - how r u finding it?
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Hi ladies,

    Its proving to be quite a challange lilwelshie! I have to say, South Wales Wedding Magazine has been a bit of a saviour of mine in terms of finding suppliers etc. Some have been great via email and are understanding about the distance situation, others will only discuss and quote things in person, which is a bit of a pain as I cant get down to Wales as often as Id like and end up having to wait to get things done! I think nearer the wedding time it will be a bit hectic travelling back and forth alot!

    Do you like living in Cardiff? I miss it so much image
  • I'm a Cardiff girl - love it! Also really like Guildford, have family there so visit often.
  • I grew up in Cardiff but live in Pontypool image
  • MoriLadyMoriLady Posts: 9
    I'm in Pontypool. hoping to move to Cardiff one day tho
  • Oh cool MoriLady snap!! Where are you getting married?
  • MrsPugh2MrsPugh2 Posts: 446
    I live in Cardiff, but originally from Scotland but have been down in Wales for 6 years and i love it wouldn't want to be any where els image
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    I'm near Porthmadog in Gwynedd, not many of us Gogs on here by the looks of it. image I'm also a Bangor uni graduate, getting married in Llanrwst. image
  • MoriLadyMoriLady Posts: 9
    teacherbride- im getting married next year at maes manor! how about you
  • Yeh blued eyed bride, I can see how it can be a pain when they insist on meeting in person. I found the wedding fayres useful as they were all in one place to go and talk to. it meant we could go down on that weekend and sort lots of stuff out at a time. that mag u mentioned sounds pretty good too.

    I do like living in Cardiff. its been fantastic living where theres always something to do and with good public transport (compared to my home village in pembs that has one bus into the county town on a friday!) But on other hand i miss the beauty and tranquility of back home in country- every now and then i have to get out of the city and visit mam and dad - or as my uni mates put it I "go sit in a field with a cow for the weekend" to destress lol

    Steampunkbride - yeh there does seem to be a few from cardiff area posting here! ive only ever been to north wales once and that was to bangor! So is Llanrwst, where ur getting married, far from where u live? sorry if this is stupid qu - my geography is poor!
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I'm a swansea bride, getting married on the gorgeous Gower penisular next May.
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    Hiya ladies!!

    I'm also from South Wales and live 5 minutes away from the Maes Manor MoriLady...I'm also getting married there in November!! image

    Nice to meet the welshies of the forum image
  • xMrsM2bexxMrsM2bex Posts: 138
    I'm living on Anglesey. Been here all my life. Love it here! image
  • MoriLadyMoriLady Posts: 9
    Ms_Natalie- I hope you'll be doing a wedding report! love seeing pics of other brides weddings there. you all prepared for the big day?
  • 4June114June11 Posts: 233
    Im from bridgend. Lived in the house im in now for just over a year. Before that i lived in Nant-y-moel since i was born.
  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    I will hopefully be doing a report! image

    It's beautiful there and Gavyn is fantastic. It's strange, when I first joined here there was a Maes Manor thread and the day we went up to see the room...a lady from here was getting married there that day image

    I feel like I'm getting behind now..I was so organised a few months back, but my degree is taking over...so I'll be able to get back into it soon.

    I have sorted:




    decorative items




    dress - IMPORTANT image

    Bridesmaid dresses

    But I still feel I have tonnes to do...I need to order an aisle runner soon or it'll be too late.

    How are your plans coming along?


    Nice to meet another venue twin xx
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    Llanrwst is about a 40 minute drive from where I live. I'm on the coast and Llanrwst is in the Conwy valley, just up the road from Betws-y-Coed, a very beautiful part of the world. We're putting on a coach to ferry guests who are from Porthmadog or staying there and they will be taken over the Crimea pass from Blaenau Ffestiniog, the views of Snowdonia are breathtaking. Our Save the Dates announced it as 'A Midwinter Wedding in Snowdonia' (we're getting married ont he 21st of December) and our invites will say the same on the front. Can't wait, lovely to see brides on here from all over and connected through Wales. image
  • pink-llamapink-llama Posts: 435
    Oh that sounds lovely Steampunkbride!

    H2B and I were looking at Craflwyn house in Beddgelert. (Beddgelert is special to us) The views were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately though, it just wasn't practical, and was a bit too out of the way.

    We're getting married at Ruthin Castle - it's not too far from England then, so a little more accessible image

    We would have loved to get married in the middle of Snowdonia though!
  • I'm from Dinas but we live in Sevenoaks (at the moment!) so can sympathise with the organising from a distance, it has proved rather blo0dy expensive driving back and forth along the lovely M25 every other weekend!!

    Only 7 weeks (and a couple of days!) to go though, very excited and resembling Tigger at the moment lol
  • MoriLadyMoriLady Posts: 9
    ms_natalie- I think I may be even more prepared than you! everything is sorted, just have to make the invites. (wedding isn't until May next year) but I'm just so excited I couldn't wait!! Dress was ordered a few weeks ago and I'm itching to try it on again.

    Where are you getting an aisle runner from? I would love one of those but I don't think budget will allow image

    Even though it's all organised i'm still buying wedding magazines and going to wedding fayres (going to one Sunday!) Don't know what i'll do with my time when wedding has been and gone??

  • Ms_NatalieMs_Natalie Posts: 1,997
    wow!! all organised!! Great stuff!

    Here are the aisle runners!


    It depends on how long you need it..which will obviously be the same length as me image

    I need to measure the aisle before ordering, but it should cost around approx £400. Not too sure yet!
  • Hi i joined this site today I live near Abertillery have lived here just over a year now moved from Sussex we love it. Getting married July this year we decided in January so trying to get it all done a reasonable as possible too.
  • eveybeeeveybee Posts: 28
    Hi all!

    I'm from Merthyr Tydfil and my H2B is from New Quay, West Wales and thats where we love now. We're getting married at Llangoed Hall in ....50 days!!!

    Nice to meet you all!


  • Hi ladies,

    I'm from Penygroes, nr Llanelli but getting married in Cyprus in 54 days! image
  • Mrs RobertsMrs Roberts Posts: 435
    I'm from Anglesey originally image Getting married in Bangor and having our reception venue on Anglesey 10 minutes from my parents house image

  • eveybee we are getting married in the museum at Cyfartha Castle
  • saliMalisaliMali Posts: 181
    I'm originally from Tredegar but have lived in Cardiff for the last 8yrs- getting married in the Maes Manor in September this year!
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