DJ Coed-y-mwstwr/bridgend area

Hi girls,

Has anybody used the resident DJ in Coed-y-mwstwr? Any comments? If not can anybody recommend a good DJ in the Cardiff/Bridgend area? We are getting married October 2012



  • lozzyhilozzyhi Posts: 15

    I used the resident DJ and he was lovely.

    We asked people what their favourite songs were on the invitations and we sent them the list just for an idea of what sort of music our guests liked. We didn't want cheesy children's disco music and without telling us, he downloaded every single song on a list with about 100 songs and played them! It was amazing.

    He also worked with the singer we had to make sure all the transitions were smooth and there wasn't a point without music.

    Good luck!

  • jen2727jen2727 Posts: 126
    We've just booked Justin Banwell - apparently he actually works there more than the resident DJ! Coed y Mwstwr also recommended him. We had a chat to him on the phone and seems like a really lovely guy and is really keen on getting ideas from you about songs etc to make the disco more personal which is what sold it for us.
  • Thanks girls!
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    The resident DJ at the Coed Y Mwstwr isnt always the same person. They use an agency. If you go directly to the agency and book them, they are cheaper (like £100 or something!) The one we had wasn't that great, he didn't have songs we requested and told some our guests he would only play songs they requested if they danced to the crap he was playing! In the end our Best Man went and had a word with him! Wish we had of done him a playlist so he could have downloaded the music he didn't have. He also kept playing the same "modern" tracks we requested, i think played one particular song about 3 times!! Having said that, we still had a great time and most people were dancing!

  • lala661lala661 Posts: 44
    We got married in Coed Y Mwstwr in April, we had Justin Banwell he was fabulous the dance floor was full all night.

    We also had wedding singer Jon Paul- who works with Justin a lot (there's a link on his website) he was fab. We picked songs we liked for both of them, and it set the atmosphere perfectly!!!
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