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Boudoir Photography - Swansea area

Hi, has anyone booked a boudoir photo shoot for your h2b? I'm thinking of doing it (might be a bit too shy tho) but don't know of anyone who does it in the Swansea area - any recomendations would be great please?x


  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I haven't found any in the local that I like the look of, so I'm thinking of travelling up to Nicola at My Boudoir.
  • hi, Nicola ( is well worth the trip - she's just amazing and I highly recommend her!
  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    I'm having mine done with Boudoir Expressions, their the same people who are doing my wedding photography. I love their style, i can't wait, and it's in Morgan's hotel how wow is that!!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Sionz - I am having Angharad as well and will be doing a boudoir thing with them hopefully next year. You'll have to let me know how it goes image
  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    Yay cool! I'll do a post about it, not doing it until a month before the wedding got weight to loose first - hopefully in time. Hope all the soon to be husbands out there appreciate it if their wives do it image
  • Hi there,

    I'm having a Boudoir shoot in Brigend in 3 weeks which I'm terrified but excited about. Their web site looks really good and I've read other good reviews. You should have a look at their website - they are called impulse glamour. I'll let you know how I get on.image
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