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Wedding Cupcakes South Wales?


I'd really like a cup cake tower for my wedding rather than a tiered cake - just wondered if anyone has/is having one and if anybody can recommend anywhere nice?

Ive looked on google and have a list of places but any recommendations would be handy image


  • warberrywarberry Posts: 431
    Have you thought about DIY? I always wanted a cupcake tower, but some of the prices were extortionate. In the end I decided to make my own with the help of my bridal party, and am planning to get a bit of a production line going either one or two days before the wedding. Just a thought.. image
  • where in South Wales are you? Tasted these at a wedding fayre lovely toppings.
  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    Try Little Charm Bakery based in Ammanford, a friend had them for her wedding cake and they were good.
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    Thanks for the replies image

    Unfortunately I dont live in south wales, living in england at the moment, so I cant really make my own and get them to my venue image For the same reason, one of my family members makes great cakes but has stressed that it would be difficult to get them there as she lives far away. Ive already got my grandma making our welsh cake favours too!

    My hometown and parents are based in Cardiff but we are getting married in Caerphilly so anyone who will deliver there really. I will check out these suggestions though! Thanks for the help image
  • warberrywarberry Posts: 431
    Ahh, same here, but the other way round - I'm from Cardiff but will be getting married away (Cumbria). Getting married at a family home up there, though, so I'll have a kitchen to make use of even if it's not my own! Good luck with finding your cakes anyway! image
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Try love peace and cupcake run by a a really lovely lady in Penarth, she makes amazing ones- so different looking and taste fab! Shes on facebook but would highly recommend her! I've ordered from her about 5 times this yr alone!
  • JuneBride3JuneBride3 Posts: 218
    We went with Kerrys Kreations in Maesteg. Couldnt reccomend her enough she was fantastic.

    This is her website and she also has a facebook page.

    We were very pleased how everything turned out and i think she is very reasonably priced. We had 56 cupcakes and a grooms cake and we also had the stand for the cupcakes and it came to about £110 including £40 returnable deposit for the stand.

    Edited to say she charged £10 for a tasting but as we placed an order took this off the final price and they were delicious!!
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