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Dream venue, no DJ after midnight?!

Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
Ahhh, Please help, I have my heart set on a venue, and after having the tour a few days ago, fell even more in love with the place, only to discover that because of the location ( residential ) we cant have our Dj play in the marquee after midnight.

What do I do? My friends are not the cinderella type, neither am I, I cant imagine their reaction when the music shuts down at the strike of twelve.

Nothing has been booked or reserved yet, even though I have been offered an amazing deal on this place, but I cant seem to find a place I like more.

Anyone have any alternative Venue ideas in Pembrokeshire/Camarthenshire area, or ideas for what we could do in this venue after the Dj shuts down, to keep the party going? Anyone else have this sort of restriction, or similar? Im soo gutted, I love absolutely everything about this place, and this is the only thing from stopping me booking it.

Please, please help me, Im lost as to what to do?!



  • Is it such a big deal? Remember it will be a long day. Here most venues are only licensed until 12. I thought that was the norm to be honest image
  • SteampunkbrideSteampunkbride Posts: 1,748
    I think my venue stops the music at 12, but to be honest I've asked the band to stop at 11pm as the coach carrying our local guests has a journey of almost an hour to make.

    To be honest (and I may sound like an old fogey at the grand age of 34), midnight seems quite late enough for a wedding. It is a long, emotional, tiring day and once you've been surrounded by lots of people all day and going from one thing to the next you will be exhausted. Besides, it gives you and h2b a good excuse to 'retire' image

    I've never understood wedding parties that go on until 3am to be honest, kids need to go to bed, older relatives are asleep at the table so that leaves the hard core group to party. Save yourself the extra cost of paying the dj for longer, have a night out with your girls when you come back from honeymoon. image
  • I've worked in licienced places & that is pretty normal as most bars shut around 1am. Normally after dj has finished music can be played in the backround. Guess only other option would be booking some sort of nightclub maybe sothat can continue later.

    As others have said the wedding will be a long day though.
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    Nearly every venue is like that. As already mentioned it is a long day with lots of emotion so its not like the usual night out. I thought it was odd too but I'm used to the idea now.
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
    Thanks for all the replies, I didnt realise that most were like this, Ive been to plenty of weddings that have carried on into the small hours, and to be honest figured that was the norm... obviously not! ( Never attended a wedding where the Dj shut down before me, lol )

    I guess the thing that confused me about this, is the bar doesnt close... at all. its 24 hr license, which is why I figured it was so odd for the Dj to finish at 12.

    Perhaps I'll have another chat with the venue and see what others usually do after Dj. We are having a few other forms of entertainment during the evening, but had planned on these finishing around midnight, so I guess I could try and alter these timings a little, I dont want everything to be in full party mode then suddenly die off at the same time.
  • My venue also finishes at 12am, remember you'll have been up from 6am that morning, everyone will be tired. Our venue has a bar which we can use after 12am if we want to, if people want to continue chatting/drinking, maybe look into your venue having somewhere like that?
  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    My venue stopped the music at 12.30am with last orders for non residents at 1am. I think this is normal for most places.

    Have you thought about starting your evening reception earlier than the norm, maybe 6pm, to sneak in an extra hour for music?

    My evening reception started at 6pm and it went down well...evening only guests weren't waiting till late to turn up, and no big gap after the wedding breakfast.
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    Most venues are like that. At ours, we have exclusive use of the entire hotel and so are allowed music as late as we choose; the DJ will be booked until 12/12.30, and we'll have an iPod ready if the party's still in full swing; we won't have a specific shut-off time.

    This was important to me when looking at venues; I know it's a long day etc, but we wanted the flexibility to still have music, even just in the background, as late as we choose, there's something I really don't like about parties where the music stops bang on a certain time, the lights go up, and everyone's basically chucked out..

    If it's your dream venue though, then remember you will be tired and realistically, you'd prob only want to stay up til maybe 1am at the latest, so it's not that big a deal image
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    mine finishes at 12.... most do i would have thought...

    make sure the party gets into full swing early!
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