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  • I went to Allison Jayne in Swansea in October and had a fantastic experience.  Although they did whip dresses on and off quickly, it was in order to allow me to try on as many different styles as possible.

    The assistant who helped me was fantastic, not pushy at all and happy to accommodate my desire to try all sorts of shapes and styles, but made a suggestion about trying on a dress about halfway through, and it was that one we came back to at the end of the appointment and loved. (Tears, the works!)

    Straight afterwards we had another appointment at Perfection bridal, who were anything but perfect; rude, unhelpful, completely off-putting - if I hadn't found the dress at AJ, I'd've gone home with an image complex, I'm sure of it.

    So we went straight back and bought at Allison Jayne, who were delighted to have our business and the models of good service.

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    Manageress/owner is awful. Avoid at all costs!

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    I've only had good experiences at Allison Jayne.  Have never felt rushed at all.  My first appointment I was there for 2.5 hours trying on a tonne of dresses, and every dress she accessorised (unlike some other shops I've been to).  I went back to try on my two favourite dresses without an appointment and they were happy to accomodate me, and I've been back twice since to try the dress on just for the heck of it.  Last time was on Saturday and she was quite happy to let me prance around in my dress for a little while and try on some headbands I'd brought with me.

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    There's a lot of mixed reviews about Allison Jayne in Swansea, I found a Maggie Sottero dress that I love when I went to try dresses on but after reading some of the online reviews I'm a bit worried about buying the dress from there. Unfortunately not many shops stock Maggie Sottero image.  Does anyone have any advice for a worried bride? Also, does anyone know if the alterations are included in the price? 

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    I can obviously only go by my experience (which has been great), but to be honest I think you're going to find mixed reviews about everywhere.

    Alterations are £200 on top of the price of the dress if you get them done there.

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    Wow! Is that just a flat rate no matter how much needs doing?

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    Yeah I think so, that's the impression I got.  I guess it's either extortionate or reasonable depending on what needs doing lol.  But then I'm paying £65 each for bridesmaids dress alterations in Rhapsody and they only need a bit of taking up and in at the top!

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    Lol yeah, if I need lots of alterations it will be value for money! Haven't found any bridesmaid dresses that I like yet, so I've got that to look forward to too! Thank you for your help image

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    I ordered my Maggie Sottero dress from there, which I fell in love with. However my experience since has been awful!! They called to say it had come in, in April and I had to pay the balance within 7 days. When I went in to try it on, it wasnt there. They have been unable to tell me where it is even though I have now paid in full and they have been really unhepful which has completely ruined my dress buying experience!

    All about Eve Newport or Emma Phillips Bridal Carmarthen both stock Maggie dresses. I would suggest going to either of those instead.

    Avoid Allison Jayne!! x 

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    Oh no that's terrible! When did you order it? Have they found it yet? id thought of going to Emma Phillips but I was tired of going to bridal shops so I settled on ordering it from Allison Jayne in the end. I hope everything is ok with yours now image


  • I went to Emma Phillips bridal, they are amazing! I didn't go to Alison Jayne, my friends sister did, and she's a beautiful size 10 so she had fab treatment, my other friend who is a size 18 went there and was told they'd have to order dresses in for her, I went to Cariad in Pontarddulais and left the shop in tears! 

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    I ordered it last August. I'm not freaking out yet as the wedding isn't for a few more months but no they still haven't sorted it. There's been no real apology for what has happened either. I'll have to sort it soon though because if I have to order elsewhere then I haven't got that much time!x

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    They still haven't found it? I'd have hit the roof! Mine is supposed to be in in October but I'm prepared for it to come in earlier Just incase they surprise me. I can't believe how badly they've treated you, especially since it's supposed to be such a special experience x

  • Well, I thought AJ were brilliant when I went in to pick and buy my dress. But the service since has been awful. I went in to ask what colour I'd ordered (couldn't remember) so I could start looking for my accessories. I got told to 'come back on Friday when the girl who deals with all the dresses is in'...the next time I went back, on a Saturday, I insisted on finding out what colour my dress was there and then. They came back and told me it had been delivered. Nobody bothered to call me to tell me.

    The real kicker was when I went to pick it up. I'd called a few days before to say why I was coming to collect it so early (my wedding has been cancelled) and was told over the phone that everything would be taken care of, the dress would be packed up and I could just come in, take it and go. How wrong they were. I arrived, with my mum for support, to be asked if I'd brought a duvet cover to cover the dress. Well no, I hadn't because I'd been told it'd be packed up ready for me. Then the girl asked me if I wanted to try the dress on. Seriously, if looks could kill, she'd have been on the floor from my icy stare. It was written in the diary the reason I was collecting the dress. When they eventually brought my dress out, obviously there's forms to sign, but the woman dealing with me then goes 'oh I really should get you to check the dress to make sure it's the right one.' - icy stare comes back - 'but I can see this is quite upsetting for you' (no, really? What gave you that idea?!) My mum checked it in the end. She then went on to ask me if I was going to sell the dress on...which I thought was a completely unnecessary question and, more to the point, none of her business.

    Sorry to rant on...just thought they could've handled a difficult situation a lot better than they did. If I get my chance again, I won't be going back to them. 

  • Did anyone else get charged for having a Saturday appointment? Thought it was a bit strange that I have to pay a deposit to try dresses on :/

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    I went on a Friday, so i didn't pay.  The only place I've heard of this being done though is London.

  • I definitely wouldnt recommend Allison Jayne in Swansea. The first experience of going in and finding the bridesmaid dresses was really lovely but the after sales experience that I have received has been absolutely shocking. I was told the dresses would be back in January but they didnt come back until March. No panic as my wedding is a few weeks away yet but would of been nice to of been kept up to date.

    When they called me to say the dresses were in they said I needed to pay outstanding balance in 7 days which was fine. The first call I made to the shop the girl was unable to take payment because she didnt know how to do it! I called back the following day to make payment and was told they wasnt sure if the payment had gone through because the machine hadnt printed the receipt. I called my bank and they confirmed the payment had been made. 6.30 that evening Allison Jayne herself called me asking for payment details as the payment didnt go through, I told her the dresses had been paid that morning and before I gave my card details again I would call the bank to confirm. She asked me to hurry up becasue it was late and she wanted to leave (such a cheek) I called her back and said the dresses were paid for that morning and she said she would sort it on Monday morning. The following wednesday I went to collect the dresses with one of my bridesmaids from the Swansea store which was all really exciting until she wouldnt release the dresses accusing me of not paying for them! I rang Barclays on loud spaker in front of her and shown her my online banking but she still wouldnt give them to me. Next thing her accountant turns out and couldnt appologise enough. On the other hand there was no apology from Allison Jayne and she then got me to check over the dresses as if nothing had happened. Horrendous service and very dissapointing!

    Since coming home and telling friends nearly everyone has said they have heard horror stories and wouldnt go there.The bridesmaid dresses have come back a completely different colour to what was expected.

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    I have to say I found Allison Jayne a lovely shop. The staff were helpful and friendly and polite. I feel buying a dress can be stressful and sometimes brides can be difficult, and I saw them dealing with a large amount of difficult walk in customers. They remained friendly and polite with the customers who had walked in, in a very noisy fashion. They were great to me when choosing my dress, and I would recommend it to everyone. Overall I thought it was an incredibly enjoyable service!

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    My wife had her wedding dress altered here, she informed me that the staff were very friendly apart from the seamstress. I was told she was rude, abrupt and condescending. When a customer is overwhelmed and upset it is not only good customer service but just common courtesy to try and make them feel a bit more at ease. But no, not this seamstress.... She decides to make her stand in the middle of the shop whilst she is sobbing and talk down to her. Her skills as a seamstress are shoddy at best and did not listen to simple instructions. So after paying over £200 for the service, or lack of.  I had to go to a competent seamstress to undo the damage caused and then do as my wife asked for in the first place. A bride should never have to put up with a rude and ignorant seamstress, they are meant to put the bride at ease and give her the dress she wants and deserves. I can only hope that the seamstress in question has realised that this is not the correct way to act and has taken steps to improve her customer service and workmanship alike.

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