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Hia! Just wondered if anyone has had experience in dealing with Allison Jayne in Swansea and has anyone bought an Allison Jayne design? Thanks image


  • gemskatgemskat Posts: 692
    I had a bad experience, but I didn't buy a dress from there. My experience was fine until the assistant got the manageress involved as I am a fussy person, and she ruined the whole experience for me. She stressed me out, I would say what I didn't like about a dress and what type of dress I wanted to try on and she got my something totally different to what I asked for. I found her very pushy and would lie to you to get a sale (I was told I should order now to ensure my dress came in, this was 15 months before my wedding and she told me that all her dresses were not made in China but in the USA and they are not, they are made in China thats just the bridal inductry) They're not all like that, I bought a bridesmaid dress there a few years ago for another wedding and my experience was fine.

    Go along and see what you find! I didn't find my dress there but you could always try dresses on, find yours and buy elsewhere!
  • Don't know about the one in Swansea but i went with my daughter to the one in Cardiff and all i can say is never again! As soon as my daughter walked through the door she wanted to leave. The assistant bundled us out to the back of the store, put my daughter into a tiny changing room,gave my daughter the dress she had arranged to try on and shut the door telling her to get on with it and to give her a shout when she has it on,she didn't help her into the dress at all. Then when she had tried it on she asked us when the wedding was and when we told her the date she turned to my daughter and said 'oh if you were my daughter i would have slapped you by now for not getting a dress before now' [charming!]. They were also the only shop out of 5/6 we have been into who did not allow me to take photos. I was told in a very nasty tone that i was not allowed, the only time i could is when i have bought the dress from them.

    We only went in there because she had tried a dress on in Carmarthen and liked it but it was a bit too far to go to retry so i rang around and Allyson Jayne was the only shop that had it nearer to home.

    As my daughter said if that had been the 1st shop she had tried, she wouldn't have wanted to look again,it would have really put her off.

    All i can say is it was a damn good job we had been to All About Eve first[both shops] as they were fantastic and showed us exactly how customers should be treated. We went to the Newport one 3 times [they didn't mind] to try on the same 3 dresses each time because my daughter couldn't make up her mind and they didn't try and rush her or push her to make up her mind at all but thankfully she did pick a dress in the end and had it from there.

    I can reccommend All About Eve 100% for fantastic service,but sadly the same can not be said about Allyson Jayne.
  • I also had a really bad experience there. pushy rude sales assistants. Plesar in pontardullais is v nice and worth a look x
  • LittleCLittleC Posts: 435
    I agree with MRSS2BMOB about the Cardiff one - although my experience wasnt as bad! That is awful. The only reason I went there is because they stocked a particular dress I wanted to try on and never intended in buying it from there anyway. The assistant did help me into the dresses, and let me pick out ones I liked, but the changing rooms are so tiny and it was quite awkward. I also didnt like walking out into the room to see yourself in the mirror as they let anyone come into the shop to look at dresses so it gets quite busy - which is fine but I found it quite intimidating! Also the dresses are filthy! fake tan, foundation marks in all of them and just generally grubby- to the point where the assistant said 'it wont be this colour brand new, these dresses have been here a while'. How lovely!

    I also went to all about eve and loved the exclusivity that they have and they are very kind and patient.
  • I bought my Maggie from Allison Jayne in Swansea - even though I was advised by friends not to go there and they really were amazing! Visited loads of times between everything, and from beginning to end, they were great every time.

    All I'd say is keep an open mind and don't listen to any stories! People suggested I try Pleser as they'd had a good experiences there - I thought they were overpriced and clueless! I also found Cariad very good for my BM dresses but other people say terrible things!
  • Thanks for all your comments - big help. I had a relatively plesant experience at Allison Jayne's. Helpful assistant & a good choice of dresses. Only complaint - I felt the dresses were over priced. Wedding Belles in Bridgend were great, would definitely recommend image
  • I bought my dress from Emma Phillips in Carmarthen. She was so helpful and made it such an amazing experience. Well worth the travelling!
  • Just ordered mine from Alison Jayne Swansea, I was a bit hesitant because I had heard bad reviews but the girl I had was brilliant! Not pushy, advised me to try on different styles and only commented on dresses when I asked her advise! image
  • Suzanne James in Cardiff were really helpful, not at all pushy and stock amazing dresses, I had a really good experience there image
  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171
    Reading through these boards, I'm amazed and the varying experiences people have in bridal shops! Goes to show that you have to just go there for yourself with an open mind and a very supportive friend! I had a bad experience in AJ Cardiff. I went here the day after I booked my wedding, having got myself in a bit of a panic that I'd just booked a wedding that was only 9 months away! They really played on that and made me feel that if I didn't buy the dress that day, I'd be waking down the aisle naked. That was until they saw my bottom lip start to go and realised I really was panicking and then they quicky changed their tune. Didn't go back though as I found them a bit pushy and really dismissive of my opinions (ie, me "I'm a bit worried about this bit here", them "it'll be fine, don't worry")

    I found the whole dress buying thing really stressful, possibly because after that, I was just worried about time constantly, but with the benefit of hindsight, and knowing that my perfect dress is now sat waiting for me in the shop (having only taken 3 months to arrive!!), I would tell any bride to remember that all bridal assistants, whilst pretending it's all about you and trying to make you feel special, are sales people at the end of the day. They will use every trick in thee armoury to get you to buy that day so you don't go somewhere else and find something better. Some places are nicer about this than others, but that's the bottom line. Take your time, take a good friend, take good advice and never believe that they will turn done your money if you went back to the shop later, even if they tell you you have to buy it today. I use these tips on every other big purchase and, despite everyone telling me the same thing about my dress, I let the wedding stress get to me and believed every word they said and let it panic me even more. D'oh

    Shops i did have good experiences in were all about eve (lovely, patient and helpful, even when I went back to try on dresses again just to eliminate them!), perfection in Cardiff (loads of bad things said about them on here, but that's where I got my dress in the end and they were SO good to me at the height of my panic!!) and timeless elegance in Cardiff (nutty russian assistant - comedy gold!).
  • I had a bad experience with this store. I bought a bridesmaid dresses with shawl (£250) after my friend tried on numerous designs. When delievered, two weeks before the wedding there was no shawl. I explained that we had bought and paid for a dresses and shawl, the owner in a confrontational and rude manner told me that I had only bought the dress. She would not provide a shawl and at this point it was too late to order another from a different store.

    The other staff are friendly although their knowledge is limited. I would avoid at all costs.

    I have bought my bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses at Suzanne James Bridal Cardiff, knowledgeable and honest staff who are flexible with appointments.
  • ADEP88ADEP88 Posts: 9
    I personally dont know of anyone who has had a bad experience there, although i did read an article in a newspaper recently where something went badly wrong!

    Im not sure where your all from, but there is a new bridal shop in Porth (Mid Glamorgan), opening in Feb...think its the 11th. Ive heard that their prices are 'reasonable' however we all have different budgets.

    Anyway...they have a competiton where you can win your wedding dress!!!!

    Check out their website for more details, ill be entering it for sure! You have to be there on their opening day when they announce the winner of the competition, however im happy enough to drive a few hours if it means getting a FREE dress lol.
  • nowmrspenowmrspe Posts: 188
    I found alison jayne very pushy when shopping for my wedding dress however my mum went there for motb outfit and they were nothing but helpful, mum must have tried on abput 10 outfits and they were amazing.

    I got my dress from wedding belles in pyle who were wonderful and bridesmaids dresses from cariad who were equally amazing xxx
  • Brilliant service and shop! Bought my wedding dress in Swansea shop and bridesmaids in the Cardiff one and both stores were really organised, patient and helpful! I was so indecisive and were really patient with me whilst i was choosing between three dresses. they then transferred my wedding dress from swansea store to cardiff so they were all under one roof and were more convenient for me. thank you soo much !! xxx

  • Bought mine in Emma Phillips Bridal Carmathan too, she ordered a dress in especially from a designer for me as I'd found it in a mag and fallen in love with it. There was a little bit of a mess around as she double booked my appointment with some1 else but I just turned up anyway (as I'd scheduled my day around it) and she was great.

    I've heard lots of horror stories about Alison Jayne and a friend told me that she told her she'd ordered her dress in and they actually took the one of the rail and sold it to her!!

  • Well I must say I ordered my dress last November and Bm dresses in April and they have been fab on very occasion I have been in their store over the past year. They are helpful and accommodating! You need to try places and decide yourself. I had heard bad reviews but must say I am more than happy with them image
  • nat143nat143 Posts: 66

    I went to Alison James in cardiff and the one lady was lovely, but some in there were just pure rude! While I was there a curvy lady came in and one of the shop assistants looked her up and down and said 'well, I am not sure we have anything here to fit.... someone of your size!' image 
    and I know alot of people that had been told they were too fat! I just think that is terrible. My experience was they were pushy, have to get now, or ASAP from here because we are one of only shops that do this dress etc etc your better getting now unless you don't want it.
    In the end I found a shop in Pyle called Wedding Belles and they are sooo lovely I would recomend to ANYONE! such lovely people, helpful, have about 300 dresses to choose from, just so so lovely! image I am looking forward to seeing them for my dress fitting they were that friendly! image

  • I've just ordered my Maggie from AJ Swansea, they couldn't have been more helpful.

    I first went in on Wednesday wanting to try on some Ian Stuart as I love his dresses, but I'd already fallen in love with a Maggie dress in Leeds, where I'm living now, and my mind kept going back to that one. They managed to order the sample dress in for me to try on, which I went and did today. None of them had ever seen this particular dress as it's one of the more exclusive designs, so I ended up causing quite a stir in the shop when I put it on - all of the assistants came to have a look!

    I didn't find them pushy at all, in fact, quite the opposite. The manageress was rational in saying order sooner rather than later, as this particular dress is likely to be discontinued at any given moment. All in all, I thought they were brilliant and it turns out that I was in primary school with one of the girls who works there up until I moved to a different area!

    Dress is due in in September and I can't wait to go and try it on again!

  • MrsJ2b6MrsJ2b6 Posts: 33

    Well, I've ordered my dress from there, and TBH found them really, really nice.  Very friendly and helpful - when I said about the particular Maggie dress that I had seen in the magazine, they knew exactly which one and I was able to try it (and it's the one that I've now ordered!!)  Would thoroughly recommend.


  • DaffodilDaffodil Posts: 23

    Bit of a cheeky question but do you know how much Maggie Sottero dresses retail at in Allison Jayne? It's too early for me to start looking properly but not too early to start budgeting! I love the Bronwyn dress (AJMS14/AJMS16).

    Also, is AJ any good for petite brides?

  • MrsJ2b6MrsJ2b6 Posts: 33

    Hi Daffodil,  

    Mine is "willow" and I think it was about £1,200.    I'm 5'3" and could fit into the gowns no problems, although I am having a few adjustments to make it spot on.    From what I understand, it's a case of all dresses having a few tweaks to them after they arrive & you've tried it on so they are just right for you.

    Hope that helps!

  • DaffodilDaffodil Posts: 23

    MrsJ2b6 - gorgeous dress! I just had a look at it on Google and it looks like you've picked a real beauty!

  • I've heard very bad reports about Allison Jayne (I live in Carmarthen area) I popped in one day just to have a look ad hairpieces and I could see a bride to be and a couple of bridesmaids trying on their dresses. I've got mine from Emma Phillips in Carmarthen - fab service. I found a dress that she didn't have in the shop and she ordered it in for me to try on - in my size and everything and that's the one I've gone for. I went to Pleser in Pontardulais - didn't like them at all - very very pushy - "You must order today, there's not a lot of time" - it was January and I'm getting married end of August. Also went to Huw Rees in Llandeilo - this was my best shopping experience out of the lot - it was just a case of he didn't have a dress that I wanted. Huw Rees is also open a couple of evenings a week - which is great if you travel far/work shifts etc

  • Daffodil - my Maggie dress is Hope, which has cost £1495. It is totally worth every penny though. They've asked for a shorter length to be made for me too as I'm 5ft2. I'd say AJ are pretty good for petite brides.

  • MrsJ2b6MrsJ2b6 Posts: 33

    Thank you Daffodil!  I must admit I'm really pleased with it - I love the sort of Grace Kelly feel to it and the tiara I've chosen matches the sparkles and pearls in it but are a larger size.  Can't wait now!

  • Eternally grateful to any North Wales brides who could fill out a quick 5min survey on the wedding industry in North Wales for my dissertation...

    You'd be helping a very stressed student out more than you would believe!

    Thank You xx

  • dee morrisdee morris Posts: 6

    Had an awful experience at Alison Jayne in Swansea - they treated me like I was on a processing line in a factory! They wipped one dress on so quickly, they actually ripped it! They also refused to give me a price on the one dress I did like, and would not let me leave until they found me a dress I liked! NEVER AGAIN!


    I then visited White Orchid in Manselton, Swansea and they price matched the same dress for me - FANTASTIC customer service!

  • Jo13Jo13 Posts: 1

    Very  bad experience at Alison jayne. Provided me with the dress of my dreams however it was double my budget.Which was discussed before I tried on any dress. Not only did they not listen when I said I couldn't afford it the manager was brought in to tell us we could afford it and even carried on measuring me for it.

    They ruined the dress experience for me dress every dress after that was nothing to me. I even dreaded going shopping for a dress in the end.

    i have also have heard nothing but horror stories about them since. To the point that a bride picking up her very expensive dress to get it home and find it was covered in fake tan and dirt on the bottom.I feel I've had a lucky escape.

    like dee Morris I have now ordered my dress from white orchid in manselton and not only did I geperfectly customer service but I found an even better dress below my budget. I would highly recommend them!!!!!

  • I didn't go to AN after readibg the reviews but did go to some of the others in Cardiff. Ended up finding my dream dress at sentiments bridal in Bridgend. Amazing place xxx

  • AndybabyAndybaby Posts: 1


    My wife had a terrible experience - lots of sales pressure andmistakes that were not rectified.

    My daughter (unknown to me) went there.  She too was pressured and left very upset.

    I would advise anyone to avoid this place.

    It is not the staff - they are great. It's the owner who is the culprit


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