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HELP! Groupon offer Wedding Bowtique - Pontyclun

Has anybody used Wedding Bowtique' in Pontyclun in Cardiff for wedding accessory hire? There is a Groupon offer on only for today £80 for a £200 voucher to use towards hiring.



  • I saw this one and thought oh cool i think i may get it, looked on there website and the stuff aint too spectacular. This is there price list and its the only one i know iv seen that you have to pay extra for sashes for the chairs normally they come in the price off the chair covers??

    Chair Covers from £2.40

    Sashes from £0.30

    Chair cover and Sash from £2.50

    Centerpiece - Candalabras from £10

    Centerpiece - Fish bowls or martini glasses from £8

    Candy Bar from £150

    So just purley for the fact that there website doesn't wow me im not going for it really. I know that sounds harsh but a website is to show off there best work but theres not much in way of photos on the site the only thing that looks ok is the sweet bar.

    That probably dosn't help image but hope somebody can come and tell you what there really like lol
  • Hi,

    did any body purchase this offer and later had problems with arranging consultations etc?

  • Hi

    Ive used Wedding Bowtique and had ound them problems with them, i found them really helpful, she went out of her way to come and see us for the consultation.and i have had every email and call answered.. The website looks as good as others in the area and the prices are really well priced. The reason she has seperate prices is some people just need sash hire as the venue supply the covers..i asked her this when i spoke to her!

    she did an amazing job at our venue - which was the bear hotel, cowbridge and friends of mine are all using her..and we all love the personal touch, she gives compared to other companies we have looked at.

    when we booked we had a fab offer of £2 a chair cover inc sash and worth asking if she can do it for you.

    I know im going on..but she was so professional and her attention to detail was spot on..prob as she only does 2 weddings a day so you get the personal touch..if you need chair covers etc go to her!

    one very happy bride

  • Just in case anyone is googling this company... I was really not impressed! The chair covers themselves were very nice and looked good. I didn't get any of the window decorations I was promised but luckily the venue were able to find some nice candle holders to use.

    Communication skills were appauling!! Had to rearrange the inital meeting as Fran cancelled it, then she let me down on a meeting at the venue. They sounded like genuine reasons but its not very professional.. Then was an absolute nightmare to get hold of coming up to my wedding, I just wanted to confirm she was still ok to do it as I hadn't heard a word from her- I honestly wasn't being a bridezilla!

    Now two and a half months on from the wedding I still haven't received my £50 deposit back, despite her saying via email she would do a bank transfer, no reply to my email to chase it up..

    I was a very chilled out bride to be, if I was more stressy I would have been loosing it with the situation! I would NOT recommend

  • Hi Holley

    We used wedding bowtique for our wedding party in April and although we were very happy with the job Fran did we too still havn't received our £100 deposit back. I've tried by email, phone and text and have still had no response and am getting very frustrated now! I was just wondering if you managed to get your deposit back? Or has anyone else had the same problem?


  • Hi

    I'm also struggling to get my £100 deposit back! I've tried calling her - she never answers the phone. I wish I had read this site earlier, I would never had used her. I'm giving her until the end of the week until i call the police and report her to trading standards. Please do the same otherwise she will continue to get away with this.  

  • Hi

    We've got in contact with citizens advice and sent her a recorded delivery letter which I think has only just been collected so giving it a week to see if she finally replies, don't hold out much hope tho! I cant believe she is doing this to so many people! Don't want her to get away with it either. Keep me informed as to how you get on, hope you have more luck than us.

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