Hi All,

we are due to get married in March and it looks like our chair cover company has gone bust - website down, email bouncing back, tel number no longer available and on companies house they have filed for striking off which when I look this up suggests they are folding the company.

It is simpleycharmingevents- is anyone else booked with them? We have paid £50 deposit which I doubt we will see again but more worried we only have 3 months to go!

Can anyone recommend any other companies in Bridgend/South Wales area please?!

Thanks in advance x


  • Oh you poor thing what a nightmare! I'm using creative covers based in Penarth in Cardiff. So far theyve been great and very reasonably priced. They also had a massive range of different colour sashes etc and even sent me samples in the post. Good luck x
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    Oh no, poor thing! Do you have insurance? I very nearly booked with them but they stood me up so went with chair covers and bows. They are based in pontyclun and are very professional.

    The following thread has lots of good recommendations:

    Good luck xx
  • Oh No! image

    I second Chair covers and bows! They are so lovely, nothing is too much trouble. They sent me samples of a few sashes in the post too!

    They have a special offer at the moment for £2.25 for the chair cover and sash at the mo! Would deff recommend!

    I hope you sort everything out! Good Luck! x
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    Thanks all, will drop them a line. A few have come back so at least still available on that date which was my biggest worry, just trying to find cloest match to what we wanted now as really wanted lycra covers and satin bows.

    I do have insurance but I imagine the excess is prob around if not as much as the £50 so probably not worth claiming.

    I understand in todays climate smaller companies are struggling so if they had dropped me an email saying sorry we ae folding the company I would have totally understood but the fact I have not heard from them at all and if didnt have my query would have assumed all was ok until payment was due nearer the time - nevermind, bit late now image
  • Hi!

    I'm using a local company in Barry.....Perfect Finish!

    They're very reasonable and have been so helpful with recommending other companies etc.

    Their website is below

    Good Luck!!

  • Hi Chair Covers Wales do Coed y Mwster because they did my friends wedding there and they are doing mine and they just won an award at The Welsh National Wedding Awards. They've got an offer on at the moment on the lycra covers @ £1.75 inc sash and set up but you have to like them on FBm it's not on their website
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    Hi, i had my wedding at the coed y mwstwr and used lc chair covers, they charged210 for 100 chair covers, that was in 2010 though so their prices may have gone up, their e-mail is [email protected] xxx
  • never heard of them before at all image

    Lots of companies these days are "fly by nights" here today gone tomorrow. We see it all the time, you have to be careful who you hand your money over to.

    Some of the venue's also get back handers so always ask around for recommendations because those they reccomend might not be the best value or the most reliable.
  • Hey,

    I'm using cherishchchairhire, they have been fab and soo cheap to check out there web page or look them up on fb x
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    Considered doing your own? Its just as cheap to buy covers from ebay and the sashes and get a family member or friend to do the set up for you either the night before if poss or morning of! Also the bonus of reselling after for almost the same as you payed!

    Its the way we are heading! Cheapest I was quoted for what I wanted was 3.50 a chair, by buying and doing it DIY I can do it 3.20 a chair, adds up for 130 chairs!
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    Welsh Tottie - are you linked chaircoverswales as you say you set up that group on facebook in your other post and address on there is same as chaircoverswales - no wonder you recommend them image

    snowflake - I did think about this at the start and if was in a situation too I would have - my family all travelling to venue on day, H2B's family will be there night before but I think I would rather actually pay over the odds rather than worrying about them doing it (another topic!) image

    all sorted now tough thanks everyone, emailed a few companies and one that has been going for over 10 years got back to me with the best price and then my venue came back to me with a supplier list and they were on there so thats enough to re-assure me for now image
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    Looked up your original company on companies house for you. can't really work out what is going on. They don't appear to have gone bust as such, but the directors have applied for a voluntary strike off (ie, just ending the company because it's no longer trading or needed rather than due to debt issues). When they applied for this, the directors would have had to confirm that they have not carried on business in the previous 3 months, so sounds like they are being a bit naughty here. They have a new registered address of "unit 2, business park, bristol", which surely can't be a valid address?? I think they are just waiting to be struck off companies register now. There is a mobile number for the business on companies house of 07875160150 which might be worth trying to get your £50 back?
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    thanksatlast2, I will give it a go but have kind of accepted I wont get it back - worth a try though! Just a tad annoying I didnt receive anything from them to let me know and they just closed down landline/email/website etc - still guess if your a family and your about to loose your business you have plenty of other personal things to worry about!
  • Chair covers and bows are fab, friend used them and they were cheaper than the venues own (not to mention they weren't creased like the venues own). I'll be using them x
  • Well I am marrying the son of the person who owns it so I would image I've made no secret of it as you will find was mentioned in another post of mine.

    Chair Covers Wales have been voted by brides as West Wales Best Venue Dresser at The Welsh National Wedding Awards so it's not just me blowing their trumpet, their reputation is your guarantee of good service and value for money.

    By the way half of the people who reply saying my friend this and my friend that are the actual companies they are singing the praises of, it happens!

    The first company you were with have traded under many names over the past few years, forever changing it which rings alarm bells and I don't think a sould trader company rather than a ltd company has to lodge any accounts or strike offs with companies house?
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