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Picton Castle?

Anyone Having/ Had/ attended a wedding there? Cant believe Ive lived in west wales nearly all my life and never knew this little gem existed, thought I had decided on my venue but stumbled across this place on the net yesterday and its ticking more boxes than the venue I thought I had fallen in love with, only problem is there is no proper wedding gallery pics, or much info on it really, so thought it was worth checking here to see if any of you lovely ladies have had any experience?!


  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    My friend got married there last year, but only had the ceremony there, not the whole thing. You didn't sit down during the ceremony as you were all just gathered in the main hall, it was really different and nice!

    Amazing surroundings, couldn't complain at all for the time we were there!

    Where did you fall in love with for your wedding?
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
    Sionz, thanks for that, glad someone has been even just for a short while, like I mentioned, Ive never even heard of the place yet lived 10 miles away for more than 20 years! lol

    I did wonder about the ceremony room, as I said there were no real pics, so havent seen it set up for ceremony, obviously because they dont, hee hee.

    We had originally fallen for Heywood Mount, Tenby, not so much for the building as we are planning to have a Marquee do, but just loved the way it flowed, our only downside to this place was we wanted a free bar, too expensive to buy at venue prices, and supplying our own cost too much in corkage etc.
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