Table plan and easle?

I was wondering what the average price for a table plan would be if I got someone else to make it and also do you have to hire or buy the easle thingy that they stand on? I'm also looking for a red proper post box for people to put their cards in, any ideas on where I can hire or buy one please?


  • most wedding venues will have an easel for your use, but double check, they're not that expensive to pick up from a craft store or art centre, it doesn't need to be a really expensive one to do the job.

    Table plans vary from a £20 upwards depending on what you want and from where, have you looked on they do some lovely kits that come with everything you need to make your own??

    i'm doing my own plan by writing the names onto a guilded frame mirror with a silver glass pen image

    not sure about postboxes though!!
  • I was looking in hobbycraft the other day at their wedding section and they do kits in various sizes and colours and they were 12.00

    panther11UK - loving the mirror idea, very clever indeedy image
  • or check eBay. They have lads of post boxes on there.

    I made my own table planner (see wedding report) was really easy xx
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