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I was wondering what have you found to be the best way to source the best wedding suppliers, searching the net, wedding fayres, word of mouth or any other ideas? If you've been to wedding fayres how many did you go to, just the one or more to find what you were looking for image


  • EMKETEMKET Posts: 133
    I didnt go to any wedding fayres as not local to the area anymore, I did go to a few where we live when we initially planned to get married here a few years back but even then found searching the internet for the best deals/word of mouth was the better option for me.

    Like you say in you post about chair covers, many venues have preffered suppliers but may be 'backhanders' so if the wedding fayre is at the venue, surely they will have all their 'backhander' suppliers there?
  • ADEP88ADEP88 Posts: 9
    Ive been to a few wedding fayres, I found these quite useful as you see actual cakes ect as oposed to just seing pictures online/in magazines. I picked up loads of leaflets and info from wedding fayres. I attended a big fayre in the Millenium Stadium a few weeks ago, and there was a stall where there is a new bridal shop opening in Poth where you can win your wedding dress! There were 2 girls there wearing bridal dresses - looked fab. I thought this was a really good idea and ill be attending their opening day in feb!!
  • Hi A good source for wedding suppliers is

    The winning companies were voted for by previous clients which i think is always the best recomendation

    Hope that helps x
  • SionzDSionzD Posts: 20
    I heard the winner of one category (im not naming) did a competition to get votes.

    But recommendations from real people are always the best way!

    Love your stuff Brideology, seen you on facebook, big thumbs up image
  • Thanks for your comments sionzD, really appreciate it x

    Brides reccomendations are always best, And if the company are any good they will give you a list of previous clients that you can call/email and talk to them.

    Its a lot to put your trust on your big day in the hands of people you dont know so do as much research as you can , get quotes of more than one company and go visit ( if you have the time ) and trust your gut instinct !

  • Very true!
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