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make up artist or DIY!!

Hi all

what do you think? do make up myself or pay someone?

I'm always afraid I'll look like a drag queen any suggestions or recommendations gratefully received

ta ximage


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    i've had the exact same problem, i booked someone last year who then cancelled on me a few weeks ago, so i was in two minds whether to just do it myself.

    I know on the morning of the wedding im not going to have 5minutes to focus on my make up and will probably panic if i get my eyeliner wrong i searched around and found that my local hair salon (who're also doing my hair) do make up at a really reasonable price (£35 including trial), the good thing about the trial is that you find the look that works for you (completely non drag queen!!), and if you don't like what they do you can always find someone else xxx
  • MrsLlew1MrsLlew1 Posts: 116
    i have always hated any make up that I have had done on make up counters so i decided to do my own, with my sisters help.

    We booked a make-up lesson with Bobbi brown in John Lewis - the lady did my make up with my sister watching and it was fantastic. They explain everything really clearly, my make up looked really natural and when i went out that night, i only had to touch up my lips. They write everything down that they have used so you have a list. I bought the foundation, eye liner, lipstick and concealer and it lasted for ages. WE practised a couple of times in the following weeks

    On the wedding morning, i found it quite calming sitting in my kitchen with a glass of bubbles doing ym make-up and I felt (and looked) like me - which is exactly what i wanted. I wanted to look beautiful but not like someone else on my wedding day.
  • I would go professional, there is a girl at mac in Cardiff that did my friends and she looked natural yet flawless! Was very impressed. Will find out her name for you. I'm hoping to have her for mine! X
  • Ladies

    thank you so much i don't feel like such a lemon now, thought i was worrying over nothing lol,

    Panther11UK are you using a cardiff based salon? those prices are pretty good eh?

    I'm more than happy to buy new make up id already decided i was going to if i didn't hire anyone

    i quite like the idea of a make up lesson and i lurve MAC so if you could get me a name that would be fab ...... xxxxx
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