Glyn Clydach

Hi All,

I am getting married in the Glyn Clydach in october (church wedding) with reception in the fairways.

Just wondering if anyone else has booked here / had their wedding here. Just found out there is another wedding on the same day in the Abbey suite and I'm worried about what it will be like in the evening with two singers etc going on at the same time!

I would love it if people could share their experiences on this hotel!


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  • I've been a guest at a wedding here, the wedding I attended was in the smaller room (Sorry not sure what this one is called), there was another wedding in the other room.

    I would not have noticed that there was another wedding apart from both brides arrived at the same time so that caused a tiny bit of confusion but was fine.

    In the evening due there was no issue with noise from the other party etc, the venue was lovely, we had beautiful food and the grounds were really pretty!

    Nothing to worry about image
  • Thank you soo much! That has really put my mind at ease! In the beginning I didnt want to pay for exclusivity as its such a special day - seeing another wedding party on the lawn was not an issue! It was just the noise issue I had started to worry about!

    You have totally put my mind at ease! Thank you so much!!! image
  • Aimee Jones2Aimee Jones2 Posts: 417

    Hi hoping you still use this!! I'm going to look at the glyn clydach as a possible venue!! How was it for you? Hope it was fab x x 

  • Jelly TotJelly Tot Posts: 117

    Hi Aimee, I've been to a few weddings at the Glyn Clydach and enjoyed them all. The food has been great everytime and my friends who have married there said the staff are really helpful.and friendly too.  We have booked our wedding there for September this year and aI can't wait xx

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    My brother got married at the Glyn Clydach image  It was a lovely day (although very hot in that room!).  There was another wedding going on, but it's all managed very well with making sure you don't see people from the other wedding.  And there were no problems with noise from the other wedding or anything like that image

  • Aimee Jones2Aimee Jones2 Posts: 417

    Thankhs Jelly Tot we've got a viewing on the 9th August!! Very excited after the good things everybody has said x x 

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