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I want to get married in 2014 and am frantically looking for the perfect reception venue in Swansea.

My partner and I went to a wedding in a hotel last year and it was fab as everyone stayed up having a good time after the DJ left and we could all 'crawl' to our rooms afterwards. The only problem is, it's quite difficult to make hotels look quirky.


Does anyone know of any venues which fit my requirements? I'm slightly stressed as so many people are asking me about my ideas and I don't even have a venue yet! arghhh.


Thanks so much xxxxx


  • Does it have to be swansea? Best places with accomadation are penmaen house, penrice castle, oldwalls, windmill ocean view farm, king Arthur, all on the gower. or my favourite is Craig y nos castle. about 1/2 hr drive away. If i think of anymore i Will let you know.
  • Just remembered a couple more, manor park in clydach and village hotel. but please look into buckland hall near brecon. Im playing there in january, and i was blown away by the place when i met my clients to arrange their all day wedding. im doing the ceremony music too. i forgot oxwich bay hotel is lovely too.
  • Does it have to be Swansea?...



  • Or jabajak near carmarthen.
  • Hi guys, thanks so much this has really helped! 

    As you can imagine it's a little stressful when people constantly ask about our wedding plans when we can't even think of a venue! Thanks again!

    Bec xxxxx

  • I'm getting married in Norton House, mumbles. It's a gorgeous Georgian house with 18 rooms for people to stay. Amazingly they don't charge for function or ceremony room hire either so u pay for food and drink and get exclusivity of the whole place. It's very quirky.

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    This may sound strange, but look at local photographer pages, they can give some great ideas for venues.  My photographer is based in Llanelli and has done a fair few Swansea weddings and always states the venue on her page (Angharad Gwenter). 

    Another good way of finding venues is by looking at upcoming wedding fayres.  These are often held in places that I had never heard of, so are good for finding venues as well as other suppliers xx

  • Good idea about checking out wedding fayre venues and local photographers! Thanks.

    Norton House is at the top of our list! Great about not having to pay for room hire! Do you know if the bar stays open until very late?

    Thanks all,

    Bec x
  • Ummm... I think she said its 12ish, but to be honest I'm happy with that as I'm sure ppl will have had enough to drink by then image. I love it so much there... It feels like u have ur own grand house for the day image xxx
  • Cool that sounds good to me - and yes I'm sure everyone will be merry by 12! 

    I need to book to meet up with the wedding coordinator! ASAP!

    I hope your wedding goes well! xxx


  • How exciting!! Xx
  • Hi Jo, me again! So sorry to be such a nag about Norton House! 

    Just a couple of questions image

    1. In the day, is the maximum number of guests (inc bridal party) 100 and in the night is it 145?

    2. Do you know if it's tables of 8 or 10?

    Thanks so much for all your help! xxxxx

  • Hiya... I was told max for day was about 80/90 and evening 150. I think we will try and keep it to about 100/120 in the evening as it seems a bit of a squeeze for 150.

    I know the tables are round and I think u would get 10 around them.

    Have u been to visit it yet? Xx
  • Amazing! We've just done the daunting guest list!

    Managed 91 in the day (including wedding party) and 121 in total for the night!

    I'm sure I've missed people out but it seems OK! 

    I still haven't been to visit yet - will try to book a meeting with the coordinator in Jan! Will let you know how it goes! Exciting (but quite scary too!) xxxxx

  • Ye... I hope u love it too.... U can't have Saturday 26th July 2014 though as that's mine...eeek! Excitingimage xxx
  • haha no worries! Thanks so much xxx

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    Just wanted to see how your weddibg went as im getting married there also. Jo was there enough space with 91 guests?

    What did you do for evening entertainment?

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