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I'm getting married in Llanelli and currently live in Swansea.  I booked a company for chair covers but since I paid the deposit I cant get hold of them image  Sent numerous emails with no replies and when I ring there is no answer or am told that the person is unavailable and they'll get back to me.  Up until I booked I received excellent customer service and replies within 24hours.  I've decided I'd prefer to lose my deposit and go with someone else.  But I dont want to make the same mistake twice! Can anyone recommend a good company?



  • changed my name not sure why its ABCDF :-S x

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    Awww no! sorry to hear of your bad experience, what is the company name?

    chair covers wales seem to be pretty cheap or RSVP in swansea, I am going to go with 1 of the two x

  • Is there a way I can message you? First time joining a forum and not sure how it all works!  I've heard really good things about RSVP coordinators they are one of the ones I'm thinking of going with, also Wedding Flowers Wales or Enchanted Decor.  I'll probs go with one of those 3 not sure which one though :-S  x


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    oh I don't know I am not very good at anything other than posting?! image

    The ladies at RSVP have been lovely, they've spoken to both me and my mum and have been really helpful! they're a little more expensive than the other places I've seen tho?

    where are you getting married in llanelli? x

  • I think I've just managed to private message you image The company I've booked I dont want to name by here as the wedding is not until 2014 and they could be really good on the day but the lack of communication since paying deposit really worries me.  When I do manage to speak to them they say the person I need to speak to is unavailable but they have seen my email and will be intouch.....but then nothing.  I'm getting married in my local church and then having the reception in Stradey Park.  Where are you getting married? x

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    ahhh it looks beautiful! we're getting married at the oxwich bay hotel, i've always wanted a wedding by the beach image x

  • You'll have a fab day! Oxwich bay hotel is stunning! Went to a wedding there is the summer and our friends are getting married there in May.  Not long to go until your wedding! How long ago did you book?  May 2014 feels ages away x

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    we booked last july, it seems like ages ago! but at the same time it feels like we've gone from 15 months to 9 months in no time at all! I think once you get past the year mark it all seems to feel alot more real! image

  • We are using RSVP x
  • There's quite a few in the area, take a look at Elegant Dream Weddings (

    If you book with them and also book our candy cart you will recieve 10% off your candy cart!!

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