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Hi Ladies, Was wondering if anyone knew about the churches in Northop? Getting married in Soughton Hall and want a church service but am not Catholic and don't live in this parish. I can't work out whether St Eurgain and St Peters church us Catholic or not? Or does anyone know of any lenient vicars that would marry us in this area?


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    St Eurgain & St Peters isn't catholic, it's part of the diocese of St Asaph. There aren't many catholic churches in this area to be honest.

    Do you have any connections to the area? I think that the Church of Wales have become a lot more strict about getting married in a church that you have no links to. There is some guidance on their website -

    Basically it seems that you have to live in the parish, your parents have lived in the parish for 6+ months or you, your parents or grandparents were married/baptised in the church. I don't think its just going to be a case of finding a lenient vicar unfortunately.

    Perhaps you should call the area dean and speak to him about it. His name is Adrian Copping (my vicar!) and I'm he'll be able to tell you.

    Good luck image

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    Thanks so much for your help! I called the vicar of St Eurgain Church and he said as I don't have any of these connections to the parish, we will have to attend at least one Sunday service a month for at least 6 months before the wedding which we are more than happy to do!

    Do you know what they're like about videographers and instruments, a string quartet for example?

    Thank you x
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    I don't know what St Eurgain's policy is about videographers and instruments but my vicar (same diocese) has been great. We're not having a videographer but a friend who was married in my church recently had one. We're having a harpist and our vicar is more than happy for us to do this. I think that churches are getting more used to people wanting more than just an organist!

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    Thanks so much for help! Xx
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