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Anyone had experiance with Berketex Bride?

Hi All,

H2B and I agreed on a wedding in Wales so I went and put a deposit down on a dress that I fell in love with and still love Tom Flowers Luna....we have now agreed to get wed abroad as a close family member to me died recently and the only reason I didnt want to get married abroad was because of him - i wanted him to be at my day. So now we have decided to get wed abroad Im thinking my dress is going to be really uncomfortable and thick in the Cyprus sun. I called Berketex Bride and they said I would be fine wearing it etc but If i did want to transfer the deposit over to a different dress I would have to write a letter to Head Office. I have heard really, really bad things about Berketex Bride Head Office - but these reviews are a year or 2 old so im wondering if anyone has had to contact them recently and were they reasonable? xx

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