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just wondering I am getting married on 4th may! THIS YEAR and I dont have anyone to do my hair yet! image I did have someone but their prices jumped up in price over night?! so I cancelled and the next person let me down!
can anyone help? does anyone know anyone in south wales which doesnt cost an arm and a leg? xx


  • Where in South Wales are you? My friend does wedding hair so I could send you her Facebook group - she's based in Newport.

  • nat143nat143 Posts: 66

    I live in barry, not far from barry island. that would be nice image thanks x

  • Sent you a private message!

  • Hey Nat, I met Kate Petersen the other day when she came in to do some hair turtorials for our blog - she was really nice and so friendly! image She does hair and makeup and is based in South Wales (I think) so might be worth a look? image

    (This looks a bit like I'm advertising Kate but I really do just think she was very nice! lol)

  • D&D's MumD&D's Mum Posts: 22

    Amy adamson is doing mine and she's great.  Have had a trial and she travels, and has a website.  Have a look. good luck 

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