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Im just starting out in wedding photography. I have a photography A level. Alot of experience in many aspects of photography. Except one! WEDDINGS image

I dont expect any brides to pay someone who has never captured a big day before.


You are a bride/groom getting married within the next 0-6months

You already have a photographer for the day

Your getting married within Wales and a 30 miles radius of Swansea

What i'm offering:-

I will attend your day from bride/groom preperations through til first dance (9pm max)

Photographing your day without getting in the way of your main photographer, (if main photographer is at brides home im happy to attend the grooms and get those images for you)

I will supply 500-1000 images fully edited on a disc FREE OF CHARGE

all I ask is that I can use the images on website/facebook and other adertising for my business to gain more bookings.

This is for a limited numbers of 3-5 weddings depending if I get the range of images required!

You have nothing to lose!

I dont require any food, money or special treatment, you will hardly notice i'm there!


Please get in touch [email protected]




  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    I understand that you are just trying to get experience and that is fair enough, but please do not post on other people's threads (that aren't even about photography in some cases image )

    You (and brides that may think this is a good idea) should also be aware that some photographers won't like this.  My photgrapher stipulated in the contract that she (and her right hand man) were to be the only photographers.  Of course guests could take pictures, but this would probably mean someone like you. 

    Perhaps approaching wedding photgraphers and offering them free assistance would be more beneficial.  That way they are going to be far more willing to help you, give you advice etc.

  • Yes I understand this, but a lot of photographers do not want I train/help competition. It would be down to the bride and groom to confirm with their photographer. I'm not treading on anyone's toes eg offering prints. I'm offering free service along side another photographer taking the same or alike shots or of things he is unable to capture due to bride and groom, so I can capture other guests etc.
  • Chris_GilesChris_Giles Posts: 609

    I can't think of any photographers who would like this.

    It causes confusion amongst the guests for one. I'll often get grabbed for a family photo by one of the guests, take it with all the experience and ability I have and the couple receive the image.

    They might grab you assuming you are the pro (and frankly it's hard enough getting photos of the guests these days as they all hide behind their own cameras without having an additional one there too).

    Sure, contact the photographer on the day and ask to second. They might let you. But I wouldn't. If you need experience charge a couple of hundred, get insurance (if you haven't), get a contract and backup camera (if you haven't). Invest, basically with a view to seriously running a business.

    I can't begin to tell you how many posts appear on this forum offering free photography services, everyone is playing 'I'm a wedding photographer / I want to be one' and it's harder, now more than ever to get in and established.

    It isn't easy at all. Even if you get some work, you need to shoot at least 35 a year at 1k to gross an average wage. Yet it's professional service like a Mechanic, Plumber or Solicitor. The only thing is, you don't need a qualification to do it.

    So best of luck to you, but without some form of investment, business savvy, natural ability and people management skills you will struggle.

    Always always charge something or you'll be suspiciously cheap.

    For me a wedding is a 4-6 day process. It's exceptionally hard, but fun work. Nobody can prepare you for it but you have to be the right sort of maniac to do it.

  • Nigel pullen is offering that kind of help to newbies.

    I will be doing a wedding with him at sketty hall in August. He's a nice guy, give hima call.
  • No. Its a bad idea.

    From experience having an unskilled, unexperienced photographer around all they do is annoy everyone by not having any dacroum and otherwise get in the photographers way.

    And what do the bride and groom get out of it? Just some poor photos that are of a similar standard at best to what other guests have taken.

    and who wants a thousand poor photos?

    I also want to comment on this -

    'I will supply 500-1000 images fully edited on a disc FREE OF CHARGE' - I very much doubt you are fully editing 1000 photos. Because even if you spend just 1 minute on a photo, thats over 16 hours of work. Or two solid days. Considering that to fully edit an image generally takes way more than 1 minute, you, like many other amateur photographers who make this claim really are guilty of false advertising.

    Paul -

  • Hi , as a bride to be I say give someone a chance .

    Im sure some photographers wouldnt like it but as the bride & groom are their employers that day and are paying them for their services then surely its their decision ( unless the photographers contract stipulated and I had agreed on booking ) . My friend recently got married and unfortunately her professional photographs werent very good - despite her paying alot of money for them - and she had hardly any shots of the guests enjoying themselves . The few shots he did take of them are her favourite pics of the day . Unfortunately im not 30 miles away from wales and live in Greater Manchester or I would have happily let you photograph my wedding image
  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    As someone whose photographer cocked up her photos I wish I'd had another photographer (even her second's photos were bad - overexposed, blurry). Don't get me wrong, there were plenty to use still but not what I had hoped for and I ended up going to have a take two shoot with a different photographer (in better weather) a few weeks later.

  • I'm not unskilled! How very rude! I may have no experience in weddings, but I have extensive knowledge of photography, my equipment and all the rules.

    Yes I will supply fully edited images of this quantity (I'm willing to put in the time) in trained in photoshop and I am able to edit photos to make them be the best that can be.

    Everyone starts somewhere. Unless you have any advice other than being rude then please don't comment.

    Thank you to those with advice for me, I have spoken with Nigel and he is going to meet with me this week.

    Just to add, why would my images be poor? And as stated I would capture the images that the main photographer can't as he be doing the generic shots so bride and groom would be getting more images of guests etc.

    Thank you Michelle! Such a shame your far away! I wish you all the luck and love in the world for your big day image
  • I'm willing to put in 100+ hours to give the best quality images I can. My images are a reflection of me why would I advertise this and not do it? Surely I would not get bookings!

    I think manners and a good personality go along way perhaps you should look into this yourself!

    You know nothing about my work so please don't call me inexperienced, unskilled a liar and a hinderence!
  • Thank you babyzee! I can't see how it be harming anyone or how bride and groom would lose anything! If they don't like the images the don't have to have them! It's such a shame you didn't get the images on the day! Xx
  • I really don't wish to start a big arguement on this forum, but I do have to note

    I'm willing to put in 100+ hours to give the best quality images I can

    Thats 2 and a half weeks work. Unpaid. As you are offering to do 5 weddings thats 12 and a half weeks or over 3 months work. Do you really want to work a quarter of the year for free? to gain just 5 photos for your portfolio?

    Further down the line, do you think that this makes business sense? To spend that long on a wedding? How much would you have to charge to recoop 12.5 days money? and how would that work, if like most successful professional wedding photographers you are shooting most weekends? plus shooting other work in the week? In that you are taking over two weeks to edit photos?

    This is not being rude. These are genuine questions.


  • Thanks for your kind words and please ignore peoples negative comments .

    Everyone starts somewhere and I imagine most of your pics wouldnt need editing as like you say - you have a good knowledge and experience of photography just no actual weddings yet in your portfolio .

    I hope you get your wedding experience. If your photography experience is half as good as your friendly customer service then im sure you will be a success .

    Polite note from a bride to be - for photographers or any other businesses insisting on putting down people on here - this is a wedding forum for excited B2Bs . Unless you have a real life experience of their work and can vouch for things they wont or cant do , then go business bash somewhere else !! If anything this will put possible customers off your work . Its definitely had that effect on me image
  • I don't do it for money, I do it because I have a passion and love for it. I have a part time job so in answer to your question. Yes I'm more than happy to spend 3mobths unpaid for my work if it means I learn/experience and build a reputation for myself so I can justify to couples (in a recession I might add) why they should invest me not anyone else. I believe in if you put in the work you get results.

    In not getting into weddings for the money. I'm doing it because its what I love and I can't imagine how special and amazing it is to spend, document and share thir special day.

    From your comments you don't come across as a passionate photographer you come across as a money grabbing uncaring boring photographer!

    I certainly wouldn't hire you.

    Is it so wrong that brides want to help someone build a reputation, or where I may be able to help a couple who aren't able to afford a photographer at all. So any photos are good enough to them.

    By the way 5 weddings of average 2000 images taken total of 10,000 can you tell me why I'd have only 5 images again? Oh yes you were being rude! Please don't comment on here unless you are responding to my initial post.
  • Great news about meeting Nigel pullen, i worked with him down penrice castle last May too, he got some great shots as he had oxwich bay as a backdrop. We give free evening photos and hd video as part of our Dj package, i just bought a nikon d5100. It makes such a difference having the party recorded too.
  • I've not been here for a while - just seen this, hopefully you would have shot a wedding with Nigel by the time you read this image

    Hope all went well, and you're building a great portfolio image

  • PS:  Here's a wedding I shot for FREE to help with my portfolio

    More images here..


  • Hi Danni I've emailed you, did you get my message? 

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