North Wales - hair/make up artist recommendations

Hi, i'm getting married in North Wales in November, can anyone recommend a good hair and makeup artist (preferably one that does both) locally that will come to the venue (St Asaph) please? I saw Debbie Ogden at a wedding fair and her website looks nice, just wondered if anyone has any personal experience of either her or anyone else please. Thanks x


  • oh2bmrsjoh2bmrsj Posts: 569

    have you tried your local beauty salon ? does your hairdress do mobile ? they maybe able to help

  • Miss OwenMiss Owen Posts: 6

    I have booked: for my make-up (pretty local to you), she was recommended to me.

  • Sarah BaySarah Bay Posts: 2

    You can also try Janet White-Ashby, she's offering 20% 'preparation' treatments for 'End of Year' brides and also offers discounts for recommendations and parties of 3+...

  • nikki2505nikki2505 Posts: 289

    Thanks for your replies. Miss Owen, Caroline James looks amazing but her packages start at £250 which I can't really justify on my budget. Sarah, Janet White-Ashby is based in Penarth S.Wales which is probably too far to come. I've booked Debbie Ogden as she was really nice when I spoke to her and has some nice work on her website.

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