Benefit make up artist required

Anybody know of a benefit make up artist who'd be willing to come to our hotel and do our  make up?!?image


  • MrsJ2b6MrsJ2b6 Posts: 33

    Don't know where you are based, but have you enquired on a Benefit counter in one of the stores?  They might be able to recommend someone....

  • MrsM2b13MrsM2b13 Posts: 29


    no I haven't I wasn't sure if that was even allowed lol thanks ill go ask x

  • where are you based?  I oriignally considered getting benefit make up artist (if you ask descretly they will talk to you about the possibillity!!) but now getting anothe rmakeup artist that i'm confident will be able to do the same style.

  • MrsM2b13MrsM2b13 Posts: 29

    I'm in Cardiff snorkelingbride, you?

  • Then you can definitely get someone!  I had my makeup done in cardiff boots and there was a girl on the benefit counter that does some wedding work on the side, she is based in newport I beleive, but will travel to Cardiff.  I can't remember her name I'm afriad but if you go in and ask descretely I'm sure the girls will tell you as it was actualyl the girls on the smashbox counter that told me about her and called her over x

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