Help me chose a dress please!!

Ok so im looking for a bit of advice......There two dresses that i am absolutley torn between, they are both completely different but i love them both and have tried them on a million times and still cant make my mind up! my bridesmaids are in dusky pink this may help....

the first dress is Sophia Tolli Marielena and the other is Ronald Joyce Doriana bearing in mind im not a skinny bride im a size 14, any advice will be most apprieciated. x


  • When i was planning i hated the thought of a princess dress.. Untill i tried the RJ on! I wanted to go for the Sexier look but i am really torn its soo hard, my mother thinks the RJ is more WOW but my MOH thinks the Sophia Tolli is the one (she cries evertime i put it on) 

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    I prefer the Sophia Tolli one because I am not all that keen on the top of the Ronald Joyce one. But difficult to say when we don't have any pictures of you in them! I am in the same boat - trying to chose between two dresses! xx

  • I cant get any pics of me in either of the dresses as the shop doesnt allow any pics untill you have paid for the dress image x

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    could you put a stock phot up ?  i tried google images but not sure if im looking at the right dresses?

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    I would say the Ronald Joyce is probably the "safe" option. It's an absolutely gorgeous dress but i'd say go with the original gut feeling and go for the sexier fun option of the Sophia dress. Which do you think would surprise your H2b more?

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    On reading, I thought it would be an easy call for me to make, but I'm with the others - we'd need to see you in them. However, I'm a size 14 too with boobs and hips in equal measure. In my dress hunt I loved Sophia Tolli's Jillian which is not quite the fishtail, but softer on the hips plus it has a bit more fullness in the skirt that you like in the RJ. Personally speaking, I didn't like anything on me that emphasised my hips too much - Jillian complemented that...I just didn't go for it because my hunt evolved into something else!

    Not sure if that even helps, but would really recommend trying Jilllian if you can (the shop should be able to get it in for you - my stockists could sample anything from her range for a charge).

  • image

     Sophia Tolli

  • image

    Ronald Joyce

  • I think the RJ would suprise everyone as it really isnt a dress that even dreamed of having but fell in love with it, I'm an hourglass shape have very big boobs but a small waist when i put the 14 Sophia Tolli on it fitted perfect on top but really baggy on the hips and waist.... I know its hard without seeing me in them but thanks for your responses image xx

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    I reckon the second one Hun xx 

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    I think they're both gorgeous; the ST one is stunning but I would think the RJ might be better if you're top-heavy as the slightly fuller skirt & higher waist will balance things (i.e your boobs!) out if that makes sense?! On the other hand, if you have that whole Jessica Rabbit thing going on (and it sounds like you do) I bet you look amazing in a proper fishtail silhouette. It is so hard without actually seeing you in them! What do YOU think though? You've asked for our opinion and you've told us what your BM and your Mum think + what your guests will expect but it's how you feel that counts x  

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     Sophia Tolli gets my vote, but it is hard to say without seeing you in them. Plus this is just my personal preference as I like more unusual things. let us know what you go with image xxx

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    I like the second one but love the first-however as previous comments say its up to you really. Maybe try them again and see if you feel more definitive about one over the other?

  • Sophia Tolli‘s classic silhouettes and dramatic, haute couture designs and Ronald Joyce's Wedding dress with shoulder strap,image,I love!!!!!! why not to show you in them and post them up?

  • Hiya!!

    Just an update! I've officially made a decision after weeks of debating and repeatedly trying on the dresses.. I went for the Sophia Tolli I am totally happy with my choice and can not wait until May to wear it, the H2B is going to love me in it.... Thanks for all your responses guys x 

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