SW Echo wedding Competition.

Hey Brides,

is anyone collectiong the South wales Echo 'win a wedding' tokens??

We're trying, wondered if people are managing to collect alot or not!?



  • I'm collecting.... I tried to contact previous winners to find out how much you need to be in ballpark to think about a win.. I got no idea how many is an attempt, good of a winner.. How are you finding it??


  • Hi, oo any luck finding out how many previous winners collected?...It's hard to know how many to collect without some sort of aim isnt it? We're doing okay i think? Collecting as many as poss, friends and family all involved, but I have no idea how mnay wld be needed as you say!?

    how are you finding it?


  • Well I've seen one winner clipping from a similar competition in northampton where a winner collected 3500 and then another referring to over 10,000.. They're available through google.. Anyone will think its easily in the 1000s but where - who knows.. It'd be awful to loose from say 10 or 20. I think I'd say its keeeping me busy.. Its been lovely to see how many people will lend a hand - even to buy one copy..and at the end of this week its easy to see how difficult it may be to keep motivation going for the full five weeks..  I think one or two couples will just enter 'for the fun' but there are bound to be a dozen really gunning for it..


  • Wow, 10,000! thats alot of tokens! ...I found a few winners through google but couldnt find how many they'd collected. Iv'e seen alot of adverts of gumtree ect asking to buy tokens for 10p! 

    deff in the 1000, and yes like you say to loose by a few would be absolutly gutting!

    The support has been great, but its only week one, gope i can keep people interested for the 5 weeks! ive been promising homemade cakes to peopl who collect alot! lol.

    A friend of a friend is entering, and she ordered 100 copies of todays triple token echo from her work, thats £75 on echos! I dont think i can quite afford that myself! but thats 300 tokens shes gained. 

    Good luck to us both!!


  • Hmm.. I get the mindset but the thing is whether you'd be willing to loose it.. It's a gamble.. She could spend that every week and still not win.. Like the 10p or 20p Gumtree entries...(tho I can't see people ringing up to say pay me 10p.. it would only catch regular buyers if they wanted £4 back for a months worth of collecting it.. I'm not sure it'll practically happen).. I think ya gotta see it as a roulette wheel a bit.. Personally I couldn't risk £500 on the competition.. I'd be too sad to loose it and have that size chunk taken out of the wedding day fund as there about 93 engaged couples that will be back to saving.. Hey ho.. It's worth a shot and keeps me outta trouble too!

    Aye good luck to us all.. image xx

  • Yeah i agree, its not guarenteed, I think the best way to win is through help from friends and family! I canot afford to spend any big amout of money on Echos, and loose! If you can afford to spend that much you could probably afford a wedding :S

    But it's worth a shot to collect as many as possible image


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