South Wales Echo collection.

Calling all who live in South Wales, and buy the South Wales Echo.

They are currently running a 'Win A Dream Wedding' competition. The idea is, each couple that registered has to collect as many tokens as possible! the tokens are printed in the Echo everyday for the 5 weeks! (24th June - 27th July)

sooo if you have the echo, and have no use for the tokens, it would be greatly appricated if you could collect them up in a little envelope for us and we would hapily come and collect them from you at the end of the 5 weeks! from anywhere!! (or more frequently if you wanted us to?)

We would love it if they were donated free, with love, but would be willing to pay 10p per token to anyone who wanted to make it a lil worth there while, thats a few more free echos paid for for a full set, or a pint free pint.

Its pretty much our only way to get mairried sooner rather than later! Saving is going to take us a good few years. Of course all our family/friends/work palces have been helping like crazy! but we really want to win!! So we deff need to extend our collection out to you.

Hope you can help. Reply if you can and I will send my contact details privately.

Thanks South Wales!





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