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Hi all, I'm very new to this, got engaged to my lovely man last month. I'm looking for brides in the Carmarthenshire area who could recommend a wedding venue. Would be prepared to travel into Pembrokeshire or Swansea/Gower but ideally looking for something close to home in Carmarthenshire. Help please image xxxxx


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    I started off by looking on the local council's website to see what venues are licensed.  Then I crossed off all the ones that were like...cafes in caravan parks...and ones that were too small, or city centre places (I want a bit of scenery!) and then I viewed most of the rest!  That might be a starting point for you?

    I'm from Gower, so if you do decide to go further afield, I'd be happy to tell you what I know about the venues there!

  • MrsPowtobe,

    There are lots of lovely places. I am getting married at Broadway Country House.

    Have a look...

    P xx

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