South Wales Echo 'Win A Wedding Competition'

Hi There.

Has anybody entered the South Wales Echo 'Win A Wedding Competition'? Anybody else collecting tokens and goin crazy?

I must admit, I've gone a bit token crazy! Its really our only chance to get this dream wedding, we will never be-able to afford it ourselves!

so I am going to be very cheeky, and ask if there are any brides to be out there who have entered, and mayb not collected enough to win, or mayb gone ahead and booked their wedding during the competion? and would like to donate/sell their tokens to us! at a fair price.

I realise it's very cheeky, but would appreciate it! like i said, ive gone token crazy!!

We have dne so well, but we have a target we're trying to reach and in need of a little boost to get there!

thanks South Wales brides.

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