Calling all brides in South Wales

Would anyone in south Wales be interested in hiring me for wedding flowers all the decorations on the table invites or save the dates? Would be grateful for any replies. Thanks xx


  • Hi Sophie - do you have a website or facebook page for invitations? Currently looking for invites for wedding next June.

  • that's my Facebook page. I have made a few different invitations as ideas but I haven't had chance to upload them on fb but they are very similar to the pics that are on that page. X

  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I really do think you need to upload some of your own work, otherwise how can people know if they'll like what you do? image You should also make it clear which images aren't yours.  Aside from being misleading, you're also breaching copyright laws if you're using images without consent.

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