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Hi everyone, I am getting married next June and we have been looking at wedding photographers and have been shocked by the prices. We are only looking for a photographer to capture the ceremony and the beginning of the reception and we have been receiving quotes of £1500 and up!! 


Lauren xx


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    Hiya LauJo.

    I took ages looking for our photographer for the same reason, we are on a tight budget. Our photographer is based in Bristol is more than happy to travel to Cardiff to do our wedding, so maybe widen your search area?

    I think some photographers are willing to work out packages that suit what you want and will charge for the amount of time they are working (4 hours, 6 hours etc), where as others have a set full day price.

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    Hi laujo, 

    like you I found it a huge shock when I found out the kind of prices involved for wedding photography. I did a lot of emailing around, and in the end found a great package of all day photography, an album, and a photobooth, plus a disc with all the photos on. I met my photographer at a wedding fayre and he was so friendly and approachable, which I think is important for a wedding photographer, as they will be working in close proximity with you on the day. i did find someone cheaper, about £800, however the photos were just not my cup of tea. If you do go to wedding fayres you'll get to meet with some photographers and a lot of them have offers on at the fayres- however, practice your "not shocked" face beforehand, so when they tell you their packages start at £1500 you won't look completely horrified.. Lol

    there are cheaper photographers around, but like someone said, you get what you pay for. Keep looking, you will find a hidden gem! 

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    You don't say whereabouts you are, but if you're near Swansea have a look at Amber Skye.  We didn't want to spend a small fortune either, but a lot of the cheaper photographers just had photos that looked like something anyone could take given a snazzy enough camera.  We thought Amber Skye's photos looked really good and they're a lot cheaper than some image

  • Hey we have a whole range of different photographers at different price points ... check out our directory (The Bridal File) and search by county


  • Hi Lauren!

    I noticed on your profile you said that you and Jo are getting married at his family vineyard in Cowbridge - that sounds amazing! I'd love to be considered as your photographer.

    I'm new to weddings currently (I'm more experienced as a portrait photographer) but I have some other weddings booked this year and some new example work on the way very soon, but to see what work I currently have available to view as well as some prices have a gander at my website and let me know what you think. I respond to emails, calls and texts within 24 hours.

    You can view my website here:

    Excited to hear from you!

    Kindest Regards,


  • Hi Lauren.

    There are many different prices for wedding photographers, it's often dictated by Location, Photographers reputation, Quality of Album, Creative ability.

    Like most things you generally get what you pay for, Having been a wedding photographer for the best part of 24 years I can say that there are also definite changes in style and ability to consider especially over the past 5 years.

    Photographers can vary hugely, just because they all shoot weddings doesn't mean that they will all be to the same given standard, and it can be a huge risk basing your choice on charges alone.

    My site is  I tend to cater for those looking for something a little different although I will always do the standard formal groups.

    Good luck






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