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Pink Butterfly Brides?

Hi guys,
I've been trying to find a wedding dress for ages - to the point I don't think "the one" exists or I'll ever cry or any other wedding dress stories you hear. I've visited dozens of shops, travelled miles and really struggled.

Yesterday I visited Pink Butterfly Brides in Bridgend and had a pretty good experience. They suggested a deep red dress that was otherwise gorgeous (corset, pintuck, massive flouncy train) I tried it on and it looked fabulous on. Due to how they work (all the dresses are their own designs and they send off for them to be made) I could order it in any colour I wanted - in my case that would probably be a dark ivory/honey colour with gold detailing. All there dresses are made to measure, which is great for me because I'm outside normal sizes (34K breasts, but a much, much smaller waist, before my sadly gigantic arse and hips get in the picture.)

I'm now very nervous about ordering - the reviews on their Facebook page seem quite mixed (plenty of five star, but also a worrying amount of one star), and I'm nervous I won't like the dress in a lighter colour. It's made of taffeta, which I find often looks shiny and I hate shiny wedding dresses because they always look cheap to me (even though I know they're not - it's just some weird association my brain has!) 

Has anybody had any experience with them? Have dresses come back good quality and exactly right? Did you like the dress? Were they organised? Did you get your dress in good time? This is the first dress that actually meets all of my requirements (other than Ian Stuart's Amalfi which I adore but is seriously over budget, especially as I would want alterations.) 

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