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Venue stress - Recommendations please...


We're having some real difficulty trying to find a venue in South Wales - Mid Glamorgan/RCT/Vale/Cardiff area that suits our needs.

We don't have traditional views and so want to have ceremony and reception at one venue if possible. There's quite a divide between families so we want to avoid the typical 3 course wedding breakfast. Unfortunately, most venues we've look at don't tend to offer an alternative to the wedding breakfast (i.e. we like the idea of afternoon tea). As a result we've started looking for somewhere that will allow us to have our own caterers but in a venue that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg to hire for the ceremony and reception.

We currently have appointments to view Duffryn Springs and Cottrell Park (these are the types of venue that we'd like) but if anyone can offer up other suggestions we'd really appreciate it. 



  • Hi have you tried something like the great hall in caerphilly castle? you could provide your own catering and have the wedding/reception in the same place, my friend got married there last summer and it was really lovely and she said they did it on an affordable budget, otherwise you have something like pontypridd golf club? i know they do the catering but i have heard are really flexible and have some good deals on! image

    i hope these are of some help to you i am also from this way so hopefully can help if you need anymore


  • We've just booked Barn at West Farm, Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan, for our wedding in September   You can have both the ceremony and reception there.  Our wedding is small, 50 people max, but there is a marque option for larger weddings.  They're flexible on food - they have picnics/afternoon tea/hog roast options depending on the size of your party.  The caterers are Town & Country who also cater for the Bear Hotel in Cowbridge.We really love the venue, it's on the cliffs overlooking the sea, and has a cute bridal suite for you to get ready in / stay in afterwards.

    It depends on what your budget is though, as there is a minum spend on food of £2700, with venue hire on top of that.

  • (It's not shown on the website, but there's a lovely upstairs room where smaller 40-50 parties can get married).

  • We considered Caerphilly Castle but for some reason it just doesn't click. I don't know whether my expectations are too high, possibly because I'm not 100% on what I want but I'm almost hoping I'll view somewhere and go "Yes, this is the place". 

    I've just emailed the Barn at West Farm to see if I can get a brochure, their online brochure doesn't appear to be working. 

    We're off to a Wedding Fayre this weekend so I'm hoping to get some inspiration and we are also going to look at Duffryn Springs and Cottrell Park the following weekend. 

    But to throw a spanner in the works we're now unsure whether to stay here on go abroad, the only thing keeping us here is that everyone from both sides of the families will get to see us. 



  • Jess35Jess35 Posts: 10

    Oswick bay hotel I shot a wedding there and the staff were exceptional and the views were brilliant.

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