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We've booked a winter wedding at Oldwalls but as we're living in Sydney and planning the wedding remotely, I've not been able to see the venue myself!

the ceremony is going to be held in the Oakroom and I was wondering how big a bridal party other brides had? the room itself looks quite small, was it cramped with more than 4 bridesmaids? Also, where do they stand/sit during the ceremony? 

Ive tried to look online at blogs/pictures but really can't get a feel for it!


Thanks x


  • Hi Mrsb2be1

    I'm surprised you've not had a response yet as Oldwalls is so popular! I haven't married there myself but I've photographed a lot of weddings there over the past few years and the bridesmaids always sit down because of the space restriction. Some couples have had 4 or 5 bridesmaids plus flower girls so there's a couple of rows of seats at the front waiting for them.

    Beautiful venue, my favourite!!

  • CakeybrideCakeybride Posts: 279

    I'm getting married there Hun - I'm having 5 and 2 flower girls and they all sit down.

    im going for my initial meeting in two weeks I'd gladly take some photos for you?!!!

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