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New here! South Wales/Swansea


engaged in July, wedding next June in Swansea. 

1st dress shopping experience booked in a couple of days, first at Stephanie Allin then pleser. Exciting!

anyone have any experience of these two boutiques?

it would be great to hear from any other bride about your venues or other weddingy things. 


  • Heyyyyy! I'm also from swansea :) where's your venue? I didnt visit either of those but heard good things about Stephanie x

  • Cakeybride wrote (see post):

    Heyyyyy! I'm also from swansea :) where's your venue? I didnt visit either of those but heard good things about Stephanie x

    We are having a ceremony at an Eco site in Gower (tipi!) and then friends own a bar/restaurant so they are closing for the day and we are having our reception there (small bout 45 people) then straight into the big evening party. I can't wait!

    where have you picked? 

  • Hey ladies! I am completley new here! Just wondering if you could help....?


    I have recently started doing pamper nights/ ladies nights free of charge and thought it would be of interesting for newly engaged brides or future brides as an excuse for a get together with the rest of the wedding team.



    What do you think?




  • Hi ladies

    New to the forum. Got engaged in January and wedding booked for next September. From Pembrokeshire so have been finding sourcing some things difficult. Hoping to have my first day dress shopping in about a fortnights time 😁 

    stephanie Allins designs are stunning! I'd love to hear how your appointment goes! Is Swansea a good place to go for dresses? Or do you think Cardiff would be better? 


  • HJ27HJ27 Posts: 8

    Hi - I had real dress issues (because I'm too fussy!) so have visited quite a few shops in South Wales & South-West England! I've found an amazing dress in a shop in Bath but I'll let you know my experiences of that's useful!

    Stephanie Allin was one of the first shops I visited, the dresses are beautiful & fantastic service.

    High Society in Cowbridge has a great selection of designers (including some Stephanie Allin) & they stock hundreds of Dessy bridesmaid dresses - the assistant was very accommodating & let me try on as many as I wanted & suggested different styles.

    Laura May Bridal in Cardiff felt a bit rushed & there were other brides trying on at the same time as me, the changing rooms weren't very private.  Good selection of different styles & designers.  Friendly staff.

    Cocomio in Cardiff (a few doors up from Laura May) didnt seem to have such extensive stock as the others.  But a really comfy dressing room & private area with mirrors etc so you're not in the middle of the shop in the dress.  Friendly staff.

    Pleser were quite bad at communication - I tried to reschedule an appointment b

  • HJ27HJ27 Posts: 8

    y email & they still haven't got back to me (2weeks later!)... So haven't been there but that's not a good impression!

    Hope that's useful!

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