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Canada Lodge & Lake

Hi everyone!

Been reading this forum for a while and have found it so useful!

Have recently booked my wedding at Canada Lodge & Lake in Cardiff - I love it!



I was just wondering if anyone has had their wedding there? Or have been to a wedding there?  If so, what was it like?! Any tips?

All feedback greatly appreciated!




  • I have been there. A really stunning location to get married! I have DJ'd there before. I wrote an article about it from a recent wedding I did there!!dj-canada-lake-and-lodge-wedding/c4eq

    I would definitely recommend it!

  • My cousin got married there in 2012. Really beautiful venue both inside and out! Don't know the details about prices etc I am afraid but from a guest's perspective I had a wonderful day. We had champagne on the lawn just after the ceremony and played lawn games well into the evening. The wedding breakfast was ok from what I can remember; however, my Irish relatives did complain there were not enough potatoes! 

    The bar was open for people to order spirits if they wished but my cousin had provided wine and beer for free so most of us drank this! 

    Would definitely recommend this for a summer wedding! 

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