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Glyn Clydach hotel Neath

Hello just booked our wedding it's the Glyn Clydach in neath, the grounds are so lovely. Is anyone else getting married here ;-)


  • I got married there in April.....amazing all over x x 

  • Aww fab did you,I can't wait. We have booked it but not seen any of the hotel rooms or honeymoon suite yet as there was a wedding there when we booked.  Are the hotel rooms nice :-) it's so pretty there isn't it xx

  • We loved every second of it! Very well managed by the staff, the bridal suite is gorgeous!! Which room are you having for your wedding? We had the fairways suite x x 

  • We haven't seen the bridal suite yet,I assume that's the pic we have seen with a Jacuzzi in?lol! We are in the abbey suite. The staff seem so nice & helpful we can't wait!  Hoping to get married at 12:-)

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