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Hair and Make up Advice...

I am starting to think about booking my hair and make up, but struggling to find someone.

I originally thought I would only need one person who did both hair and make up but on reflection I think it may be better to have two (one for hair and one for make up).

I have 3 bridesmaids hair and make up

Bride hair and make up

MOB hair and make up

Grandmother hair and make up

What are people's thoughts is it best to have a hair dresser and make up artist or someone who does both?

Also any recommendations of hairdressers and/or make up artists in South Wales?

Or a place I can look at a list of recommended people? (Google search is just bringing the same people up, who are very expensive or not the look I am after)


  • Hi Emma,

    I would think with all of those people, you would need at least two people (one hair, one makeup) as it will take a long time for just one person to get around 6 people.  Generally though, I find that it is best to get a hair dresser and a make up artist separately anyway as they are specialists in their field.

    Where abouts are you getting married?  I had Victoria from MAC in Cardiff do mine and my mums - she was amazing, well worth the money (we paid £130 in total for me and my mum on the day, each with trials at the store and travel to 20 miles outside of Cardiff, 3 years ago).  As for hair I used my usual hair dressers (Tonic hair in Pontypool) as they are amazing for hair up - they are very creative and it stays put all day.  They are quite pricey I think though (about £80 for bridal, £50ish for bridesmaid) but are much cheaper if you can get to their salon xxx

  • Agreed, you will definitely want two because that number of people will take a really long time. I had make up for me, four BMs, and two mums, and that took about 5 hours - hair was going on at the same time! 

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  • Emma85Emma85 Posts: 105

    Thanks for the advice,  sounds like two professionals is the way forward. I am getting
     married in Brecon, I will try and contact Victoria from MAC. I have heard MAC makeup artists are very good. Thanks xx

  • Ah cool - Victoria works in the Cardiff St David's 2 store xx

  • Hi Emma

    my name is Samantha and I run Cardiff bride (

    we are a team of highly qualified and professional hair and makeup artists who specialise in bridal.

    You are correct in thinking that you will 2 artists, but I would consider hiring just one hair and makeup artist for yourself and then another for your bridal party.

    an artist builds a relationship with a bride over the months leading up to the big day, there is a lot of correspondence and the back and forth with ideas and inspiration. In my opinion it is always better if you are entirely in tune with the image and style the bride has in mind. Therefore hiring one artist to focus entirely on you will benefit you greatly. Not to mention there is less emailing, phone calls and arranging of appointments with one artist, which is important when you are juggling so many suppliers.


    if you would like to talk more about how we can help then please don't hesitate to be in touch Through the contact page on the website!

    all the best and good luck!






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