CHOOSE White Orchid Swansea!

I never fantasised as a little girl about what wedding dress I would pick when I got married. I never threw the pillow case over my head or clutched a bunch of daisies, playing as many girls do at their future nuptuals. 

Needless to say, when I walked into White Orchid, I was clueless. My bridal saviour came in the form of a petite blonde lady called Sharon, who threw her arm around me and enthused, "Don't you worry, we've got this!"

And they did. I've never received such a high level of customer service, or been more happy and reassured with a decision in my life. I felt cared about and looked after and above all, beautiful in my dress. I can't thank Sharon and the team at White Orchid enough, for their personal and yet professional service. 

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